Saturday, November 30, 2013

cracked ...

I will always love this picture.
My heart is cracking today.  You can read why at the bottom of [this page].  'Nuff said for now.  It's hard to type when tears flood.

November went by too quickly, and all my best intentions for writing every day fell to the wayside.  It feels like all the words have escaped, and I've thought about what it would be like to never write again.  I still don't know if I will be able to find the words again.  It seems like more than just my heart has been cracked when I stop and think about life.  There is a moment in time where I can throw that dart and say "it started here."  It is a lot farther back than most would think.  It has been "a series of unfortunate events" that began in 2001 that shook the ground I thought was solid underneath me.  Shook me more than I thought.

To find my footing again, I've been reaching for what used to be the distraction that kept me focused when nothing seemed to be right in my world.

Hand work.  Creative nonsense.  Crafting this or that.

I painted a Bur oak acorn with glitter paint to decorate my November tree.  I also made some cinnamon clove ornaments.  I know the recipe calls for just cinnamon, but I like adding cloves for a good strong scent.  I painted the back side of them with gold paint, then stamped the front with a leaf stamp dipped in the gold paint.

The new 2013 Hallmark Beauty of the Birds ornament decorates my mini tree as well.

I haven't had my tree up since February 2013 and Mardi Gras.  Once upon a time it would be up every single month with seasonal ornaments.

January 2013.  December 2012.  Fall 2012.

Seasons changed.  I changed.  Life changed.

It is time for me to take back the seasons of my life.  I'm not sure what direction we will be going in for the seasons ahead.  But this I know for sure ... the ones that I love and trust with my heart, will travel those roads with me ~ with or without words.

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  1. Heartfelt hugs. The right decision - but sooooo hard.


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