Sunday, November 24, 2013

memorable events ...

Last Thursday I read [this post] by Robin Dance at Pensive.Me.  It made me laugh, but also later made me grateful that I had read it.

Friday was my 3rd wedding anniversary, and my husband and I went fishing with his niece, her sig other, and one of her daughters.  It could have been one of those "memorable events" in a negative way ... the boat died in the middle of the bay, after dark, and we spent about 2 1/2 hours on the water, in the cold, before being rescued.

But what made it a good memorable event was being able to see all the stars ~ and shooting stars ~ without the city lights hiding them.  Watching the moonrise, large and orange in the sky.  Watching dolphins fishing in the moonlight, close enough to hear the 'pshhhht' of their blow holes as they came up for air.  Loons on the channel marker shuffling and talking in the dark.

Saturday, we drove to watch a college football game, stopping to take in the beauty along the Chipola River, and visiting with some of my husband's family along the way.

But what really made it a good memorable day was the game itself.  I've
never been to a college football game.  Saturday I found out just how contagious they are ... in a good way.  Along with about 65,000 of my new best friends, I laughed, yelled, screamed, whooped and hollered so much I don't have much of a voice this morning.

But it was a good thing.
Final score ...
Seminoles 80
Vandals 14

Go Noles!

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to appreciate your (unexpected) time on the water. Perspective is all isn't it? If you had gone out to watch the stars and the dolphins there would never have been any doubt that it was a treat.
    I am not a football fan - but glad that you had fun there too.