Tuesday, December 24, 2013

... but on the brighter side ...

Jamie and her sister, Shannon, who are the creative minds behind the "Kickin' It Old School" meme this month have been caught in the winter storms that have left so many without power.  They are asking today for a tip or strategy to avoid a holiday disaster, or the story of one you survived.

Holidays are always stressful.  No matter whether you spend them alone, or surrounded by family and friends, there are expectations and disappointments, words spoken that cannot be taken back, or actions that will be forever remembered ... good or bad.

I honestly can't recall any specific holiday disasters.  Weather or otherwise.  If I were to say I had a strategy, it would be to avoid family gatherings altogether.  Spend time with them at other times of the year, less traveled when there aren't 20 million other people flying or driving to see their families.  When the weather is more predictable ... and warmer ... so you won't have to lug around a ten pound winter coat in addition to all your other carry-on baggage.

My last seven Christmases have been spent either away from family and friends completely (two in Europe on river cruises), or with only very close family members (one in Alaska).  Quiet.  Calm.  Drama-free.  Relaxing.  Reflective. What I think the holidays are meant to be.

And I haven't had any regrets.


  1. I have had some family related holiday horror stories. And have learnt that I need to allow time on my own. Very early if necessary, but definitely a window where I can just sit, breathe and be.

  2. Wow, it is rare to hear someone spending the holidays like we do, far away from family. I think this is the first year I have embraced the positive aspects as you describe.