Sunday, December 29, 2013

future selfie ...

This morning, my KIOS prompt is to share a selfie that represents the person I am becoming.

That is actually pretty difficult to even conceive right now.  Yesterday wrapped up with some discouraging news that pushed me back to my knees, and so this morning I'm still trying to stand up.

I took a call yesterday at work from a woman who also got some discouraging news, and as I waited patiently for her regain composure, I thought of how much alike our lives were right then, and how much I wanted things to be different for both of us.  When she stopped crying, I tried to offer her some encouragement, and suggestions on how she might find something that will help them.

Words I've heard from others.

I want my future self to be so different from the person I am today that I won't even be recognizable.


  1. I am sorry you got bad news. Sending some strength to help cope. Hoping your 2014 turns out to be a great year!

  2. Hugs. Today's self is the seed to the mighty tree you WILL become. Unrecognisable, but essential to the final product.

  3. Sending positive prayers and thoughts your way.


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