Monday, December 9, 2013

kickin' back with movies ...

This morning's prompt from the [Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-a-Thon] meme that I'm participating in 
{which by the way will forever now be referred to as KIOS because my fingers aren't usually so awake when I blog ~ I've had to go back and correct five typos already}
is to list our favorite movies.

Since we are in the holiday season, I thought I would just list my favorite holiday movies:
{all are linked to their page so if you haven't seen them you can see who is in them}
1.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles {that pillow scene kills me every time}
5.  Scrooged

Of course, all of the classics are a given.  I can watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every week.  Same for [the original], and [the remake], of "Miracle on 34th Street."  "Rudolph" with the voice of Burl Ives.

Romantic holiday movies like "Love Actually" and "The Holiday"are my stand-bys for a chick flick night.  
Or any of the Hallmark Channel holiday movies.
And for when I get in a "if only I had ..." mood, I like to watch and "The Family Man" or "Mr. Destiny."

But those top five ... 
they are my go-to movies when things start to feel a little overwhelming during the holiday season.

 Nothing beats sitting down to de-stress and laugh at myself with a dysfunctional family movie.
Just like being back home.


  1. From your top 5 I like Scrooged too, and I'm with you on the classics. :)

  2. Dysfunctional movies are great. So much better than the old TV shows that made everyone's family seem perfect. Those were impossible images to live up. Real families are so much fun to watch.
    Enjoy your movies during this holiday season.

  3. Nope, movies are not for me. I need to stop and think about things. Not possible in a cinema and it drives other people insane at home.
    That said, I loved 'The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley' a little known Katherine Hepburn gem. Black humour, but heart warming and human.

  4. Oh the Family Stone is a great movie! I loved the remake of Miracle on 34th Street too.

  5. Thanks for sharing your list and reminding me of Home for the Holidays! I might have to revisit that one!

  6. It's a Wonderful Life makes me cry...everytime! Lovely list! <3

  7. Yes love watching the holiday movies at this time of year, they are comforting and upbeat, something about having a good laugh that just makes everything so much better.

  8. I like the holiday-time spin to your answer! I didn't realized The Family Stone was a holiday film, I haven't seen that one yet but promised a friend I would see it with her specifically. I like The Family Man a lot, that one really surprized me. It's so nice to have go to films for the holidays.

  9. It's wonderful to read some holiday favourites. It's really inspiring me to make some hot chocolate, grab my crocheting and tuck in! Miracle on 34th Street (the original) is one of my absolute favourites. Thanks for bringing it to mind!

  10. OMG, yes, "Home for the Holidays" especially is one that's comforting to me, too :) And I'm so glad to be on this blog fest as you are the second one of us now to mention The Family Stone!! I love that of my favorite Diane Keaton films...but no one I know in my physical life has ever even heard of it! I'm always making people sit down and watch it with me. ha! <3