Tuesday, December 10, 2013

kickin' & braggin' ....

[KIOS] this morning gave the prompt to think back to our kindergarten days and do a show and tell.
I had to peek at some of those who had already linked up to get a feel for the theme.
(and I apologize for not commenting much lately ~ time has been flyin')

I had some crafty projects that I could share.
Like my [mermaids.]
Or a slumped glass plate I made.
(which I know I've posted before but can't find the link to)

But I want to go back to kindergarten,
and show off one of my [kids.]
(Who just happens to be smarter than your 5th grader, by the way.)
He is now almost 9 1/2 years old
My husband hasn't been feeling well lately, so yesterday morning when I took Trooper for a walk,
I casually mentioned that he needed to make Dad get out more often today,
since the sunlight and cool breeze would make him feel better.
I let him off leash to run like he enjoys, and then about ten minutes after he had taken care of business,
and had a good run in the field, I called to him to "leash up" so we could walk back to the house.

He refused.
Not just refused, but disobeyed.
For more than thirty minutes I tried everything I could think of to get him to come to me.
Nothing worked.  He just kept his distance.
Even sitting in the dirt, which usually makes him come see what is wrong with me, didn't work.
Finally, frustrated and running out of time, I came back to the house.
I tossed his leash to my husband and told him to get him in.
Then I got in my car and went to work.

My husband called when I was just three or four minutes gone.
Trooper had come right to him and gone into the house with no trouble.
It occured to me at that moment, that he had done just what I asked him to do.
"Make Dad get out."

I really need to watch what I say to him.


  1. Power of persuasion? Your dog can really understand exactly what you are saying? The mysteries of the universe? Whatever you did -- it worked!!

    1. I think he actually understands. When he was 6 mos old, I took him to my (x)inlaws for Christmas where my x's grandmother was sitting on the sofa very depressed. Her long time dog had been put to sleep just the week before because of cancer. Trooper had never seen her before and so when we came into the room, I pointed her out to him and whispered in his ear that he was to be very nice to her because she was sad over the loss of her dog. I took him off leash, and he walked right over to her and put his head on her knee. Stayed there for FOUR hours. He was just 6 months old and should have been getting into all kinds of trouble. But he just sat there with his head on her knee and let her stroke his head and ears for four hours. Blew.My.Mind.

  2. Love. This. Story.
    Excellent job, Trooper!!

  3. LOL - what a wonderful story. Nice going Trooper - you're as smart as you are handsome.

  4. He was just listening to Mamma. :-)

  5. I love your puppy! Animals are so smart. XD

  6. Much, much smarter than a 5th grader. Scarily so.
    I do hope your husband is feeling better today.

  7. Such an awesome story! Great share! Animals are waaaaay smarter than we realize sometimes. :)

  8. Clever dog! I was not a dog-lover until we got our dog 8 years ago. I hope your husband feels better soon.

  9. Loved your story! Such a smart dog! Hope your husband is feeling better.

  10. He is feeling much better, thank you all. I think he just had a touch of flu from the weather change here. Hot cold hot cold hot cold.

  11. Amusing. You'd better watch how you phrase things to Trooper in the future. I hope your husband feels better soon.

  12. I LOVED this! Animals are so darned smart!!