Thursday, December 12, 2013

kickin' ... for sure, man ...

Joining with [KIOS] this morning,
with a list of the 10 things I know for sure:

1.  During difficult times in life, you find out who your real friends and family are.
2.  During difficult times in life, you are stronger than you think you are ...
3.  ... and stronger than everyone else thinks you are.
4.  "Things will get better" isn't necessarily true.
5.  "Things will change" is.
6.  Change can be good ... and healthy.
7.  No matter what happens, tomorrow will come.
8.  Sometimes it is okay to take care of yourself first and let everyone else wait.
9.  Nothing feels better when you are sad, than a purring cat and the pressure of a dog against your legs.
10.  Even during difficult times, every day is a gift.


  1. #1 - thanks for saying it!!!! and #9.....of course!!!
    great blog!

  2. #9! It's true. Having your fur souls with you makes all the difference.

  3. What a great list - I so get #4. And #8 and especially #10. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think number 10 is the attitude that makes it possible to start at number 1 again. I agree with 6, my take on in is that change is a precursor to growth, since I reallly want to grow, I better get used to change :)

  5. These are what I learned during the last 3 years of my life. The first 2 of those years - #s 1-3, big time. Then this last year, #6 and #8. Great list!

  6. Lots of wisdom here, but I especially like #10 - every day IS a gift.

  7. So so so resonate with your list soooooooooooooooo much! "Things will change" omg, yes! And tomorrow still comes... it's so true. On the day after our first son died, I couldn't believe I woke up the next day...that tomorrow came, you know? Just didn't seem possible. But there it was. :) Sending gooooooood juju to you!!!! <3