Wednesday, December 11, 2013

kickin' ... n' cryin'

[KIOS] wants to know this "weepy Wednesday" what makes me cry.
What doesn't make me cry right now?
Have you seen that Kohl's commercial with the young couple decorating the old woman's apartment for Christmas to surprise her?  
Yeah ... hand me a few Kleenex.
Homecoming videos of military members surprising their kids ... and in some cases, their dogs?
Oh yeah, might as well get another box, 'cause that one box is almost gone.
Thinking of [Annie] at the Humane Society?
Oh, did I scare you with that noise I made while sobbing?  Sorry.
Happy endings?
Sad endings?
The death or injury of any animal in a movie? 
(and yes, I do know it is "just a movie")
No matter.  Tears me up.


  1. I view tears as toxins which need to be expelled. Sometimes there are a LOT of them. Oh, and I am big on the happy leakings too.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes to all. That Kohl's commercial just kills me! I used to watch that show about military members surprising their family coming back but I had to stop. all that crying made my head hurt worse.

  3. Oh this list...and animals (forgot those on my list) and home comings and surprises ... and some commercials...and the list could go on. There is something about our hearts being touched so deeply that I always find comforting...because we know we are in touch with our feelings.

  4. Ah! The Kohls commercial gets me every time! And the commercial with the big dog welcoming home his soldier girl - rolling around in the driveway and hugging her...I cry every single time!