Thursday, December 26, 2013

leftovers ...

Leftovers are the best part of holiday meals.  Waking up in the middle of the night to sneak down and grab one more sandwich ... one more slice ... one more bowl.  A refrigerator full of laughter, memories, and the stuff that nourishes the soul ... and the body.

A slow cooked pork roast, pulled and put between bread, topped with a slice of colby jack cheese, and toasted until the cheese melts just enough.

Eggs waiting to be cooked for breakfast or boiled and deviled.  Bottled water.  Tea ... sweet and unsweet.  Onions for tomorrow's chili dinner.  Potatoes ... they'll be made into a salad later.  Pickle relish ... dill and kosher cubes.  Mustard ... jalapeno, yellow, and chipotle.  Homestyle mayo.  Ketchup ... I'll use it to make some barbeque sauce this weekend.

Spillin' the contents today with [KIOS].


  1. I made a HUGE bowl of fruit salad, and will be eating it for days. Bliss. And how wonderful it is to be able to point hungry people to the refrigerator, and settle back down into a book.

  2. In my house it's a slow cooked beef roast, pulled and wrapped into a sandwich with a spread of sweet mustard pickles. Yum.
    This year I made enough yoghurt to last a fortnight and bought extra fruit to slice up in it.