Monday, December 23, 2013

... pages and pages and pages and pages and ...

Books have always been my first and best friends.  Every time I was a "new" kid in school ... I hid out in the library until I started to make friends in class.  Because I knew the friends I found in those pages wouldn't laugh at my red hair ... or bifocal glasses ... or braces on my legs ... or teeth ... or the birthmark on my knee.  They wouldn't call me names or leave me to be the last picked for any team sports in phys ed.

Books were my friends.

As I got older, my reading selections became more ... selective.  I love history, and when my cousin sent me this book by M.M. Kaye ... I was hooked.  You can tell by how worn the cover is, held together by tape.  This was the book I would ... and could ... disappear into for days.  I sought out and bought every book she ever wrote, and her autobiographies which details seasons in her life.

Today, my favorite books still lean towards history and lands seeped in the traditions of times long past.  They are one of the reasons I love to travel and stand in awe of the masterpieces that were created so long ago.
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  1. Books are my friends too. Always. And yes, I remember The Far Pavilions too. Hugs.


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