Wednesday, December 25, 2013

... traditions ...

Christmas traditions ... as a child in Germany, we celebrated St. Nick's by putting our shoes out on the 6th of December to be filled with candy (or coal and switches, as the case may be) ... in another life, we had pizza every Christmas Eve, and a particular themed ornament to buy every year.

And stress ... to impress, improve, or be innovative in our gift giving, present wrapping, meal making, or house decorating.

This year, we started a new tradition ... of no traditions.  Christmas was laid back and relaxed.  We did minimal decorating this year ~ just one small wire tree in the kitchen with cooking themed ornaments.  A handful of cards sent ~ not the 40-60 of years past.  We had chili dinner with friends and some incredible piano playing by my husband.  Slow cooked a barbeque pork butt in the oven overnight, and then we rolled our own fat, stuffed butts around to lie back and watch movies all day.


I think that is a tradition I like.
Kickin' out old traditions with [KIOS].

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  1. Sounds like a tradition to set in stone for the future.