Sunday, December 8, 2013

word ...

Here it is, a few weeks from the end of the year, and I think I just realized what my word of the year should have been, and what it subconsciously was.

I've read a few blogs recently, and in the past have also participated, in finding your "word" for the year.  In the blogosphere, it is something positive ... a word to focus on to inspire you, to challenge you, or to calm you.  If you do a web search of it, it tends to be more negative in the news, almost like a public shaming.

Last night I had some time to think ... really think ... and realized that my subconscious word must have been "rigid" most of this year.  I've been rigid in my thinking of how I wanted to survive, how I wanted to turn my life around, what I wanted for myself, my marriage, and my husband.  I've not just had a tight grip on my rigidness, but a tight grip on all the things that brought me to this point.  Which sort of was defeating all my efforts to move forward ... because I have been holding onto the past.

In my thought processes and my "aha!" moments last night, I realized that I need to change my thinking, and my word, to "let go."

Let go of the past.  Let go of the hurt.  Let go of the pain.  Let go of the resentment.  Let go of the fear.  Let go of the unreasonable expectations.
Let go.  
Move forward.


  1. The trees let go in the fall, then in the spring tender new leaves grow to provide shade and oxygen. I love your idea of letting go and the metaphor of the tree. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Let go the old, and embrace the new...

  3. My mantra for the past few months has been "let it go" I am a worrier and whenever I find myself worrying about something that is out of my control I take a deep breath and tell myself "let it go" It has helped a lot.

  4. Yes! Let it go. It may not be easy at first, but it will come.
    I remember the day when I suddenly realised I no longer hated my ex, we'd been divorced a couple of years by then. I don't usually hold on to a hate and when I let that one go I felt remarkably free and happy. Which I welcomed, since that is my usual state.