Friday, January 17, 2014

5 minutes: encouragement

Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker

I need encouragement.
Not because I lack confidence, but because I lack courage at this point in my life.
Something that I struggle to admit even to myself.

Yes, the woman who talks of having an "inner Amazon," rather than an "inner child" is terrified.

I had a decision to make, and I made it.
But it wasn't as simple as what shirt to wear, or shoes to buy, or what to fix for dinner.
This was the acceptance of a job that will move us to the other side of the country.
A drive of five days that I'm not even sure how we will afford, without punishing myself with ten, twelve, or fourteen hour days, seven days a week from now until the time we leave.
A move to a new community, much farther away than we moved before.
A move of epic proportions in my mind.
But a move ... and a job ... that will turn our lives around ~ for the better.
A move that will give us the opportunity to start again ... from a better place.

I need encouragement.
Not because I lack faith, but because it is hard for me to give up control at this point in my life.
Something I struggle to admit even to myself.

Yes, the woman who talks of having faith in the God who saved her, restored her, redeemed her ... is afraid to put Him in control this time.

I need encouragement.



  1. How brave, to put those words here in this post! If you are brave enough to admit it out loud, you are brave enough to follow through with this God-sized plan you have in front of you! Starting over is hard, no doubt. But if God has called you to it, if this is the tremendous opportunity that it sounds like, then you will make it through. Just channel your Inner Amazon and muddle through! The finances will come, the community will come, the routines and familiarity will come. They will all just take time. And, in the meantime, what an adventure! You can do this! While I may not know you, I know the God who goes before you, and I am confident that he has prepared the way!

    1. Thank you for those words. I've always believed that the best way to fight our fears is to face them head on [and that would be the Amazon talking]. I hid myself away for over a year and suffered for it. I'm trying not to do that again.

  2. Hi, I am jackie from just hopping over for a visit from Lisa Jos FMF. Your post really hit home for me. What an adventure you are pondering. New places, new people, new job. I was once is a place of uncertainty and I just let it happen, took one day at a time, took a step, one step, then two, and I put HIM in control while I followed. Oh the opportunities that came my way, changed my life for the better and I am so grateful, I trusted HIM. I will be a follower of your blog as I want to accompany you on this new adventure. Your blog looks great. I am going to stay a while and read some of your posts. God bless! jackie

  3. Terrifying, but exciting. And necessary. A fresh start for you both.
    You can do it. You will do it. And we have your back for those days when you feel you are about to fall.


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