Friday, January 3, 2014

in 5 ... fight ...

What's in your five?

she's tired.  tired of fighting.  tired of fighting to survive.  the struggle to stretch that dollar just a little bit more.  she walks into her bare house and tries not to think of the things she sold in her fight to survive.  when she had to choose between somewhere to sit and eat ... or something to eat.  when she had to choose between a comfortable sofa and beautiful lamps ... or power to keep the lights on.

she's tired.  tired of fighting.  tired of the family drama.  the words that hurt that can never be unheard ... or unsaid.  she looks at the phone and wishes things were different, but knows that even if they were, it would just be a matter of time before there was another fight.  it is who they are ... who they have always been.  like oil and water.  she knows that distance is the only thing that will give them peace ... and so she looks away.

she's tired.  tired of fighting.  tired of fighting the fear of what will be because of all that was.  fighting to stay hopeful ... and yet ... she fights.  fights for life.  fights for faith.  fights for him.  fights for them.  she fights.

because it is who she is ... who she has always been.

a fighter.



  1. Powerful. Touching. Thought provoking. Wow.

  2. And perhaps she is slowly coming to realise that not only is she a survivor, she is a winner. And if she isn't, she should.