Tuesday, January 21, 2014

winds of change ...

the wind is blowing hard today
my neighbor's wind chimes are going crazy,
and the brass bell that used to hang in front of my father's house clangs as if there was a royal announcement to be heard

perhaps in a sense ... there is

in two months time, we should be settled into a new home, a new job and a new life

change is inevitable

you can try to hide from it all you want but then one day you realize that those old comfortable shoes no longer fit and you have to get out of your box to go buy new ones

when I first moved to this house in 2001, the sounds of F-15's and F-4's taking off just across the bay from me were sounds that took a while to get used to
when they changed to F-22's and F-15's I rarely noticed them

when we moved to Texas, it was the sounds of howitzer cannons, Hueys and Blackhawks that we had to get used to ... and the sad sound of Taps being played every night coming to us over the valley

coming back here was like putting those old shoes back on
they still fit but they were tight

I think of the new sounds waiting for us when we move

wind in the trees
water rushing in the rivers
owls and eagles
wolves and coyotes

I don't think it will take us long at all to get used to those sounds

1 comment:

  1. I hope the winds of change carry you safely to a haven. And those sounds you are looking forward to, sound just that.