Wednesday, February 19, 2014

bringing joy ...

Share a cup?
Good morning you ...

Thank you again for stopping by to share a cup of coffee.  These weekly chats have really helped me to refocus my day ... and my week.

They bring me joy.

I know that some days it just seems so hard to find even a tiny bit of joy.  Trust me.  Been there.  Doing that.  Worrying about finances ... family ... jobs ... bills ... my health ... his health ... a parent's health.  Anxiety about whether or not something is going to turn out right ... or wrong.  Will I get the job I interviewed for yesterday?  Will I get the job I'll interview for tomorrow?

Joy stealers, they just seem to suck the happy right out of you.  Emotional vampires even walk the daylight hours.  As if the stress of our own lives wasn't enough to rob us of joy, I'm sure you know of some whose own drama sneaks in ... creeps in ... to your life to take your joy away.

Fight back.  Break out the garlic and sunshine.  Sprinkle some of the holy living water on them ... give them some joy.

"Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God’s people,
Joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil."
~ Psalm 97:11 MSG ~

Find your joy, even if it is in the smallest of things ... a wildflower on the side of the road ... bird song on a cloudy day ... a child's laughter ... the hug of a loved one.  Find it, cling to it, let it fill you up and expand within you.  Wear it like armor ... wield it like a weapon ... let it shine from you to diminsh the darkness around you and in others.
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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for speaking such truth. I can't wait to go out and live and look for things that bring me joy and that will well up within me to fill me :) Beautiful. ~Jenna

  2. Hi there Cindi. Just stopping in from Holley's linkup. I used to live in Florida but am currently up in Kentucky where I have been very jealous of your weather. :) However, I do find joy in the beauty of the snow-blanketed lawns and sparkly ice-covered trees. And today, for the sunshine and the melting snow. I agree that our joy can not only fill us up, but sharing it helps others dispel their darkness as well. Great words.

  3. Emotional vampire is the perfect description for my ex, that man is gloom and doom no matter how you try to cheer him up. Truly, if there is nothing to worry about, he'll worry that things are going too well.

  4. I love that quote. It's great to meet you Cindi. Your books sound fascinating. I'm so attached to my dog, so I know I'd enjoy the read. :D
    (BTW I found the font on your blog here a bit hard on the eyes. Just thought I'd mention. It's pretty, but reading it was a bit challenging. Of course I may just be getting old. lol)