Tuesday, February 25, 2014

shoes ...

I noticed the other day that my favorite pair of cold weather shoes have almost had the soles walked off of them.   They were made in the U.S.A. by Sebago, and it looks like they have expanded worldwide.

I tried to figure out just how old my Sebagos were ... and was a little on the amazed side.  I think I bought them in late 2007 or early 2008, which would make them about seven years old now.  Real leather uppers.  Just getting that soft, worn look and feel.  I need a shoe with a wide width, which always makes it hard to shop for women's shoes, and found these online.  I paid about $80 for them, which is the most I have EVER spent on a pair of shoes.

I have loved them to pieces.  Literally, apparently.  My Sebagos have just been so comfortable that even wearing them for 12-14 hours a day when I work overtime, my feet don't ache at night and my heel spurs have become almost painless.  I can certainly tell the days when I'm wearing other shoes or going barefoot.  I could almost sleep in these.

Unfortunately, they no longer make this style, or very many wide width shoes for women, so I'm on the hunt again for a pair of comfortable cold weather shoes.  I'm not really an Imelda Marcos kind of shoe shopper, so when I find a pair that I love and that is comfortable ... I wear it exclusively.

I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of them.  A pair of Danskin tennis shoes I bought at Wal-Mart last July have already cracked both of the soles and leak water into my socks whenever I walk Trooper on the beach or in the rain.

[and in case you are wondering ... this has not been a "paid endorsement" or a sponsored post.  I'm just amazed at how well my Sebago shoes have held up with all that I've put them through in the past seven years.  I believe in sharing the joy, and when I find a product or service that I believe in ... I'll be more than happy to promote them.]

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  1. I hear you. My mother had long feet. My father had wide feet. I have long wide feet. Comfortable shoes are hard to find and I snap them up when I do.
    I hope you find a suitable replacement soon.


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