Friday, March 14, 2014

5 minutes: crowd


words crowd the tiny screen of my cell phone as i push them up and down to see what has escaped. i blog in defiance of what is happening in my life right now because this is "my crowd" where i feel welcoming hugs and comforting words.

thoughts crowd my mind, keeping me awake at night. worries, fears, hurts, and negativity. i push them out. refusing to belong to that crowd, and reach for His words. His "crowd."

i let myself escape into the safety and comfort of Him.


~ Cindi

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  1. I joined the crowd at FMF. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. We're speaking the same language this week for FMF. Thoughts of negativity and the need for His Word. So lovely to find a kindred spirit here. I applaud your determination.


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