Monday, March 17, 2014

Blessed Beyond Measure

I am...
Blessed beyond measure
Laughter and light
Everything I was intended to be
Daughter of GOD

Empathetic but not an idiot
Young enough to know better
Old enough to get away with it
Naturally creative
Dancer in the rain

Made to survive
Evolving into my own
Amazon warrior
Someone to be respected
Entirely self-sufficient

~ Cindi

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A side note to my Words on Wednesday ~ I've truly enjoyed reading everyone's blogs, comments, and posts the past few months, but unfortunately have not been able to comment from Safari, and have to use Chrome for commenting. It is frustrating and annoying to have to log out of one and into the other just for commenting, when everything else I do is on Safari. I'm not sure if it is because I'm using a Mac, but I haven't been able to sign into Google on Safari. I'm still trying, however, just know that if I don't comment, it's not because I haven't enjoyed reading or seeing Sunday's Selections photos.