Wednesday, March 12, 2014

blue ...

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i saw a bluebird this morning when i got to work
i watched it for so long, i was almost late logging into my computer

i don't remember ever seeing a bluebird here before
and i've lived here for a very long time

i've seen robins and orioles and kingfishers and eagles
i've seen hawks and mockingbirds and cardinals and blue jays

but i don't think i have ever seen a bluebird

it appeared on a "blue" day for me
so perhaps it was a sign
they say bluebirds bring happiness
so maybe there is some on the way for me
i hope

i've been struggling to wrap my mind around everything that has happened in the past two weeks
it is so hard to even comprehend that it has only been two weeks

of course
things were apparently happening long before that
ignorance truly was bliss

i feel as if i have woken up on some foreign planet
or in a parallel universe where there are no such things
as happily ever afters

the more i learn about the man i married
the less i know about my life as it was

it was a beautiful bluebird i saw this morning
and i hope i see it again tomorrow


  1. I hope it is a sign of future happiness - but it is/was a gift anyway. A patch of beauty in the midst of ugliness.

  2. I sincerely hope that the bluebird is a sign of better things on the horizon :)


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