Monday, March 3, 2014

breathing ...

I've been barely breathing now for about four days.
Overwhelmed with a plate full of fear and worries.

Yesterday's messages from churches helped.
But it's Monday ... and Mondays can usually bring their own stress.

This Monday, however, brought some relief.

I escaped the short list for the May 2nd layoffs at work.
So am able to breath and know that at least ...

I have room on my plate for dessert.

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A side note to my Words on Wednesday ~ I've truly enjoyed reading everyone's blogs, comments, and posts the past few months, but unfortunately have not been able to comment from Safari, and have to use Chrome for commenting. It is frustrating and annoying to have to log out of one and into the other just for commenting, when everything else I do is on Safari. I'm not sure if it is because I'm using a Mac, but I haven't been able to sign into Google on Safari. I'm still trying, however, just know that if I don't comment, it's not because I haven't enjoyed reading or seeing Sunday's Selections photos.