Saturday, May 17, 2014

dusk ...

to the east, the sky was
ombré shades of violets and blues
in the west, shades of peach and orange showed where the sun just dipped below the horizon

as I walked, I could see them flying in the distance over the field
one ... three ... six ... a dozen or more
small brown bats

they dipped, zipped, and fluttered near my head
their leathery wings making a soft sound when they came close
but otherwise silent hunters in the dusk

there were more than I had seen last summer
which is a good thing
the rains and floods recently have increased our mosquito and bug problems
more bats mean they've had a good diet lately

I focused on one, following its flight
spinning as it chased unseen bugs in the air
smiling at the aerobatics of this small hunter

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