Sunday, June 8, 2014

feeding my senses ...

this past week ...

i took trooper for a walk on the beach ~ he saw a kite for the first time
(a little boy was flying a large white kite)
i told trooper it was a UFO
he believed me
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those frogs i talked about wanting [here]
have found their way to my house
and in the evenings i sit on the deck
(my serenity deck)
and listen to them sing

i colored a good memory
grandpa d lived with us for about three years
(in one of my pwp lives)
he was born the same year the titanic went down and loved to remind us of that
he grew up during the depression in san francisco california
and worked for western union delivering telegrams
he never learned to drive and rode a bicycle his whole life or walked
he loved to tell stories of those days
stockbrokers getting a telegram about the great crash and jumping from buildings
union workers on the boat docks fighting
his first Christmas tree ever was with us, when he was in his late 80's
cordless phones amazed him and he never did get used to walking and talking on one
he would carry the phone in his hand after telling his sister to hold on
then start talking to her again in his bedroom
(i would have to laugh and remind him every.single.time)
he loved to doodle his days away and all he ever wanted was paper and sharpie pens
he was a good man and is loved and missed

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  1. And while he is loved and remembered he isn't gone.


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