Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sounds ...

i was writing in my prayer journal this morning
on my serenity deck and listening to the sounds around me

a cardinal singing quite loudly but hidden in the trees
answered by one farther away
a frog croaking here and there
as if to interrupt their song

the wind is gusting and a light rain occasionally spits onto the aluminum roof
thunderstorms off shore are moving in
and my normally silent wind chimes and my father's bell
announce their arrival

suddenly the peaceful sounds of nature are shattered
by the sounds of an F-22 taking off from the base just across the bay
(whomever decided to call those things "stealthy" has never lived at the end of the runway)

i watched as it arced up in the sky, turning to go over the Gulf of Mexico
and realized that there will soon come a day when i won't hear those sounds

when the peaceful night is graced by the howling of a wolf
or the songs of the coyote
when the eagle's cry will be louder than the cardinal
and the call of the elk will echo across fields of snow

when the brightest lights will not be from an air force base or a (stinkin') paper mill
but from the stars in the sky and the glow of the moon

when the scents that travel on the wind will not be of chemicals and saltwater,
but will be of wildflowers
fresh cut pine

i better start packing
i'm in a hurry to get there

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A side note to my Words on Wednesday ~ I've truly enjoyed reading everyone's blogs, comments, and posts the past few months, but unfortunately have not been able to comment from Safari, and have to use Chrome for commenting. It is frustrating and annoying to have to log out of one and into the other just for commenting, when everything else I do is on Safari. I'm not sure if it is because I'm using a Mac, but I haven't been able to sign into Google on Safari. I'm still trying, however, just know that if I don't comment, it's not because I haven't enjoyed reading or seeing Sunday's Selections photos.