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Words for Wednesday 11 October 17 ~ the prompts ...

Words for Wednesday is provided by a number of people and has become a movable feast. I joined in when Elephant's Child was hosting the prompts. This month I will be hosting.

Essentially the goal is to encourage us to write. Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image. 
What we do with those prompts is up to us: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, using all or some, or ignoring them. 

Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. It would be wonderful if as many people as possible joined into this creative exercise. If you are posting on your own blog - please share the link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come enjoy and applaud.

This week, the words are from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

I've not read Frankenstein, but I think that what she accomplished in writing and publishing a novel such as this in 1818 was an amazing feat for a woman who was once thought to be unworthy of educating.  Reading her biography, and knowing my own demons that I put to paper, I have to wonder how much of Frankenstein comes from growing up motherless, and the deaths of her children, sister, and husband. Perhaps she daydreamed of what life would have been like if she'd been able to bring them back to life?
And the image for inspiration ... [Image Source]

1. Electricity
2. Grief
3. Laboratory
4. Slaughterhouse
5. Kiss
6. Amuse


1. Melancholy
2. Murder
3. Ravine
4. Laugh
5. Sensations
6. Violent


  1. Okay...I've ruminated....here we go

    "Feeling better now, Screech?" Grace asked.
    In the deep ravine in the middle of the melancholy dark wood Screech stretched and twisted himself comfortably.
    "Oh yes, thank you Grace. Those were most violent sensations I was experiencing but, all is well now. That potion you cooked up in your laboratory worked a charm."
    "I'm so sorry you had to experience that misery my friend." Grace was feeling guilty.
    Screech laughed. "Not to worry, all's well that ends well."
    Grace laughed too. "Glad you got it out of your system." she giggled. "Still, while it is amusing now, it wasn't so funny when you were going through it. "
    Screech agreed. "It was bloody murder there for a while." His head bobbed seriously. "I hope there are no more of those little devils running around. At least no one else will have to suffer grief at that demons hands. I could kiss you for that potion, Grace."
    Grace grinned. "Don't even think about it Screech." Now...I have to get back. Something tells me there's trouble in the wind, I feel an electricity in the air...Estelle needs me."
    She turned and headed back toward her little cottage leaving Screech preening his feathers and asking the ago old question "Who?".

    1. This is turning out to be fun. Not for Screech tho'.
      And like Screech I'm also wondering who Estelle might be.

    2. A lively interchange, and i'm glad she was able to undo the damage.

    3. Happy to see Grace and Screech still around. Great use of the words.

  2. The ravine between the way I feel now, and the way I felt just two short weeks ago is immeasurable, and too big to cross. Then I revelled in the electricity of his kiss, and love and laughter were my foundations. Such different sensations now. Grief and melancholy are my constant companions. They dog my every move.
    She took him because she could. Because it amused her.
    Big mistake. Today I am going to the laboratory where they work. There will be a slaughterhouse. I intend to murder them both. Violently. If he had resisted, he would be safe. He didn't. He isn't.

    1. Wow, remind me to stay on your good side EC. Excellent job with the words this one is really good.

    2. Youch! I'm steering clear of you EC! Put that cleaver down, woman! :)

      Well done...and I'm not just saying that because you've got me running scared!!!!

    3. Oh my! I'm seeing you in a whole new light!

    4. A woman scorned is not to be trifled with. Great job.

    5. Oh dear EC. There's a whole gang of us going to keep on the right side of you from now on!

    6. Watch out, she's on the warpath! A slaughterhouse you say? Hope you're wearing a hazmat suit, you don't want any evidence on your clothing.

    7. "Hell hath no fury..." Well told.

  3. Excellent words Cindi, I had to skip last week because my grandson was visiting, but I have one prepared and will post mine tomorrow morning, I will add it here also. Thank you.

    1. Will look forward to seeing yours tomorrow Jimmy. I had to miss last week also because out of town. Mine is up on my blog today.

  4. Here is my attempt for this week...

    "It was just as well she had a crazy sense of humour and wasn’t prone to MELANCHOLY.

    As she entered the kitchen she let out a loud LAUGH.

    The scene greeting her as she made her way through the RAVINE between pots, pans, discarded packets, foil, and god knows what else strewn over the floor caused a potpourri of SENSATIONS. She never ceased to be intrigued at the lengths – and the imagination - her children took, and went to, in search of ways to AMUSE themselves.

    The kitchen looked like a combination of a LABORATORY and SLAUGHTERHOUSE wherein a VIOLENT MURDER had occurred. A place where a mad scientist had lost the plot!

    She knew she could KISS the rest of the afternoon goodbye.
    So much for trying to cut down on the usage of ELECTRICITY in an effort to keep the overwhelming quarterly bills at bay, she thought, turning off the lights as she tried to decide where to start cleaning up the mess before her.

    There was no point giving the twins and their younger sibling GRIEF over their sincere attempts at helping her prepare the special dinner she’d been excitedly planning for days, for weeks.

    She knew their heart was in the right place.

    They, like her, were emotionally charged in anticipation of her husband, their father’s pending arrival. Finally, he was coming home after an extended peace-keeping stint in a dangerous overseas war zone."

    1. This is lovely Lee. So much excitement - for them all.

    2. Lovely! Such a fun story and use of the words!

    3. Lee - the way the words flowed meant I could see the scene and feel all the emotions in the room. A Townsville tale!

    4. I like this Lee, it brings back memories of my kids in the kitchen. Messy, but fun times.

    5. A good selection of words Cindi, I'll put the brain to work tomorrow and post something on Friday.

    6. Awww! Children's hearts are in the right place even if their help is not so helpful.

    7. Happy Wednesday! My story from last week wouldn't leave my brain alone, so it concludes here.

    8. Beautiful story with touching ending. Great job Lee.

    9. Very nice, I like this one a lot.

  5. Mine will be on the blog tomorrow Cindi - if I can keep it brief I'll post it here as well ~ Cathy

  6. I missed last week because out of town but my story is up at my blog for this week. Great words Cindi! Sure easier than September:-) Those who have already written this week did amazing jobs...as usual.

  7. Here we go folks, I also have it posted on my blog if you want to read it there, here is the link WFW - Just in time

    Just in time

    Leaving for the airport before breakfast was the plan to avoid the GRIEF of driving in the heavy traffic on the freeway,  you know that traffic which causes so many VIOLENT outbursts from whomever happens to be behind the wheel at the time, today my wife Cindy had chosen to drive.

    Cindy loves to speed up while approaching the drainage ditches that crosses the road near our house. Our Grandson holds his hands in the air and yells "Whee!" as the car drops into the RAVINE and sails almost into the air as it flies out of the ditch just in time to drop into the next for another dose of the sinking SENSATIONS you get in your belly during a sudden drop.

    Benjamin yells "Whee!" once again and we all LAUGH at the small tradition of sailing through the drainage ditches like a rollercoaster ride in our car. Cindy created this little experience for our children and now for our grandson, from one started by her mother when Cindy was a child.

    Driving onto the onramp to the freeway, all you could see was miles and miles of brake lights, the amount of ELECTRICITY generating all of these red lights could power a small nation I was thinking to myself, Cindy growled in frustration "Just look at that traffic!".

    Navigating the traffic was MURDER, the traffic congestion added an extra hour to our normal forty five minute commute to the airport, but on the other hand gave us an extra hour to talk with our grandson and to visit with his parents, our son and daughter in law.

    The tension coming from the cars around us was thick enough to have been mixed up in a LABORATORY. If the dialog all of the drivers were yelling at one another reached the ears of the person intended, the temptation to turn the freeway into a SLAUGHTERHOUSE would be a strong possibility, Thank God for thick glass that blocks most of the sound.

    We arrived at the airport soon enough for the kids to catch their flight home. The time they were with us for this trip passed quickly, and they were gone with a KISS on the cheek, a hug, and a few words intended to AMUSE the tears from flowing down our faces.

    We waved goodbye until they were out of sight, then drove back towards the freeway with a MELANCHOLY feeling in our chests that would remain longer than our drive back home.

    1. oh. been there and done that with nephews. tears.

    2. This is lovely Jimmy. I can remember my father doing much the same thing. And I love the way you linked it to your recent experiences.

    3. The very reason I love staying well away from busy highways/motorways.

      A lovely story, Jimmy...very descriptive...well done. :)


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