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Words for Wednesday 18 October 17 ~ the prompts ...

Words for Wednesday is provided by a number of people and has become a movable feast. I joined in when Elephant's Child was hosting the prompts. This month I will be hosting.

Essentially the goal is to encourage us to write. Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image. 
What we do with those prompts is up to us: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, using all or some, or ignoring them. 

Some of us put our creation in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. It would be wonderful if as many people as possible joined into this creative exercise. If you are posting on your own blog - please share the link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come enjoy and applaud.

Keeping with October's theme, the words this week are taken from Stephen King's It.  

I read most of King's early works, but when Needful Things made me upset over the way he killed a dog, and Insomnia touched on child molestation, Rose Madder was too close to home as I was in an abusive marriage, I stopped reading his books.  Of all his books, The Stand is my ultimate favorite, and when I left my abuser, it was the only book of King's that I took with me.

1. Clown
And your image to use [Image Source]
2. Tunnels
3. Children
4. Nightmares
5. Water
6. Friends


1. Visions
2. Red
3. Courage
4. Asthma
5. Recurrence
6. Hide


  1. Well-meaning (but ignorant) friends told me 'Lots of children grow out of asthma. She will be fine.' On a good day their words of comfort slip away like water off a ducks back. On the other days? Red rags to a bull.
    They have no idea. The visions of my precious child struggling with yet another recurrance, gasping for breath, so nearly slipping away down those endless tunnels are nightmares which crowd my head and my heart, leaving me nowhere to hide.
    She faces her battles with courage. I can do no less.

    1. Very well written EC, nice job my friend.

    2. So true EC and very well said.

    3. Good use of the words...emotion captured and impossible not to feel.

    4. Oh yes - asthma and struggles. I know them well.
      Short sweet and to the point EC!

    5. Look at you go girl! Great use of the words and it certainly caused me to relate since I, too, suffer with asthma.

  2. Another great selection of words. I shall apply myself.

  3. Okay.....here goes:
    It takes courage to face the nightmares and the visions each and every night. Alone in the dark you find yourself in an endless tunnel. The sound of the furnace fan is the wind blowing, the bathroom tap gurgles with its unshed water and sounds like a dying breath. You are alone and friendless. The only place to hide is under the blankets. Then, you hear the footsteps and the nightly terror begins. A red glow punctuates the darkness of your room coming closer and closer. A crackly voice whispers in your ear, “Children should all be asleep at this time of night.”. There is a rasping cough.
    She takes her hand off the lens of the flashlight and the room lights up “Yes dear?”
    “Is your asthma bad again?”
    “Yes, it is. Now….stop your clowning around in here and get to sleep. School tomorrow.”
    “Okay Mom…love you.”
    She leaves grinning and shaking her head. Every single night, the same thing. It never gets old for either of them.

    1. Precious memories. This is beautiful. And now, at nearly 4am I too am going to sleep.

    2. ha ha, for just a minute there I thought you were going somewhere scary, whew :)

    3. I like what you wrote here Delores, this was so good I forgot to look for the words ha ha.

    4. Great, Delores! Well done. :)

      Boy! EC was up early - or up late!!!

    5. I had my hand up to my mouth there Delores. Loved it!

    6. You certainly tackled all of Cindi's words very well. We have all tried to trick our parents at one time or another. Great job Delores.

  4. Hello Cindi and everyone else, excellent words for this week. I have mine posted on my blog if you want to take a look at it, just click the link in the title below

    WFW - A Convincing Clown

    I remember a time when a CLOWN was simply a man or woman dressed up to make people laugh, a white face, colorful hair, and a big RED nose along with a list of jokes and antics, or even a few magic tricks. A good clown would have CHILDREN laughing everywhere.

    Now with the appearance of creepy clowns and scary movies, people are avoiding clowns at all cost. A lot of good clowns have had to take off their huge shoes and hang up their air horns, because instead of a laugh, now that clown horn sends people running and screaming away.

    We had taken our son Tim and his then Fiancee Elisa (now his wife) along with about six of their FRIENDS out to eat one night. We were at a local sports bar/restaurant when I spotted a local guy who always dressed up as B-Bop the Clown. I always thought it would take a lot of COURAGE to pull off a convincing clown act myself. B-Bop was walking around all of the tables making balloon animals for all the kids and cracking jokes to make everyone laugh.

    I joked that I should call B-Bop over and have him make a balloon animal for Tim since he is our son, Tim spun around and glared at B-Bop, I actually thought that he was having an ASTHMA attack for a minute, Tim grabbed a fork and quietly growled "Keep that bastard away from me!", Tim wasn't Clowning around he was serious.

    Tim stepped around to my other side in an attempt to HIDE himself from B-Bop. What's up with the clown, did he do something to you? I asked Tim. He leaned close to me and whispered, I don't like clowns, they really scare me.

    How in the world can you have a child twenty one years of age (at the time) and you never knew they are scared of clowns. I suddenly had VISIONS of Tim as a kid running away from a birthday party screaming, we always thought he was joking because he was somewhat of a clown himself back then, and actually still is.

    Tim is not scared of anything, he can walk through dark TUNNELS filled with chainsaw wielding psychopaths, zombies, ax murderers, or even follow the Evil Ice Cream man with his sister and he will laugh it all off, but have him come face to face with a good natured clown squirting WATER out of a flower, and suddenly a RECURRENCE of all of Tim's childhood NIGHTMARES begin once again, I don't even want to see what would happen if the clown actually squirted him.

    So it's easy to say that Tim is not afraid of anything, except clowns...and My Buddy dolls, but that's a whole other post.

    1. I think I can understand the 'fear of clowns things'. I've never been afraid of them but I also never found them to be very entertaining either. Never could get the whole 'clown' thing.

    2. Hi Jimmy. Loved your take. Clowns have always seemed sad to me. Not funny at all. I don't like slapstick humour either.

    3. This is wonderful, Tim. So good! :)

    4. I know several people who are afraid of clowns!

    5. My granddaughter Beth is terrified of clowns. She is also 21. Her siblings and cousins created this fear in her. Poor Tim, he is not alone with his coulrophobia.

  5. Interesting selection this week, I'll have something worked out and post it on my blog on Friday 20th.
    I remember reading a lot of Stephen King books, couldn't get into Rose Madder though and didn't enjoy IT. The Stand was the best.

  6. And this is me for this week....

    "All throughout my friend’s childhood she’d suffered a regular RECURRANCE of ASTHMA attacks. I knew of no others who suffered from such a debilitating malady. As far as I am aware, asthma was not as prevalent when I was a child as it is these days. I could be wrong, of course.

    Showing COURAGE beyond her young years, my friend never let the frequent attacks get her down, even though she couldn’t HIDE her disappointment not being able to join her FRIENDS on the sports field.

    The only physical game she could join was tunnel ball where she was always very keen to help form the TUNNELS on sports days. During other games and the foot races she was a willing WATER girl.

    The CHILDREN at our school were very understanding, and, for whatever reasons, there were never any signs of bullying, not like the reported, unexplainable scourge that occurs nowadays.

    Why some kids have to act like CLOWNS is beyond my comprehension.

    I do believe their aggressive attitudes and actions originate from their home-life, their upbringing, and their behaviour is mimicking what they witness.

    Being a victim of bullying must be unbearable. VISIONS would haunt a child, allowing them no peace. No doubt their dreams would be NIGHTMARES.

    On reflection, I believe our school, e.g. the teachers and the parents’ guild were forward thinking because each year on the first Friday of Spring they declared it to be RED BALLOON Day.

    The special day was set aside for fun and games. It was filled with various sporting events, which included tunnel ball, kite-making and flying, among other fun competitions. Many stalls took up position along the edge of the sports’ field. The inviting stalls brimmed with treats prepared by the parents.

    Red Balloon Day at our school was in celebration of goodwill, fair play and respectful behaviour between the children."

    1. I love the concept of Red Balloon Day! I wish it was something every school did!

    2. What a terrific idea Red Balloon Day was.......something every school should do.

    3. Is there really such an event as RED BALLOON DAY? If not, there should be. Great job Lee!

    4. My story titled FOOTPRINTS is posted on my blog this morning. http://granan10.blogspot.com

    5. Granny Annie, I loved your story! I'm quite sure I will have nightmares from it, and will view some of the abandoned boxcars in our area differently from now on!

    6. There is a Red Balloon Day, Annie, but it's not in celebration of the reasons given in my story, I pinched the idea...poetic license! :)

      Red Balloon Day here in in honour of the "firies"... a ‘Thank You" to our men and women of our fire brigade. A worthy celebration in honour of their services.

      I'm sure they won't mind. :)

  7. Hello Cindi.
    Lots of different words this week - my interpretation will be posted on Still Waters tomorrow (Thursday).
    I've not read any Stephen King, for some reason they didn't/don't appeal to me. Maybe I should do something about that in the new year ~ Cathy

    Cathy @ Still Waters

    1. His older books, before his own auto accident, were much better than those written after (in my humble opinion). After his accident there seems to have been a dramatic change in his themes. The Stand is my favorite because it deals with a good vs evil theme and events that could actually occur.

  8. And guess who 'stuffed up' the scheduling of her post lol
    It can be found here - on Wednesday!

    WFW-at Still Waters


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