Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Words on Wednesday ...

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The beast perched on a branch in the tree closest to the child's window on the second floor.  In the darkness, it could see farther into the room than the occupants were aware.  The wind picked up, howling sorrowfully in the trees, as the fall leaves fluttered to the wrap-around patio, rustling against the door.

A dog, forgotten in the neighbor's yard with the approaching storm, whined as it caught the scent of the beast on the wind. It pulled on the chain that kept it in the yard, not wanting to get closer to the beast, but farther away.  The chain remained unbroken, rattling loudly each time the dog relented as it pulled harder and harder to escape.

Unexpectedly, the light in the room the beast was watching came on, nearly blinding the beast with the brightness of it. Grimly it watched as the young soul bounded into the room and onto the bed.  It feared the monsters under the bed, not the one watching ominously outside the window.

The beast sniffed the air again, smelling the freshness of the soul, the innocence unprepared for the disaster that awaited it ...


  1. Definitely scary. Poe would be impressed.

  2. This is very good and spooky too, and reminiscent of what I've just scheduled for Friday.

  3. Yikes. Don't like the sound of that beast outside the window.

  4. Wonderful words for Wednesday, and I need to be at that beach right now! Hugs...RO

    1. Oh... the beach is Mexico Beach, Florida, taken many years ago. We are now in Wisconsin where our beaches are off of Lake Superior.

  5. The stuff nightmares are made of!

  6. Wow, definitely one to keep you awake at night, excellent use of the words I am impressed.

  7. I definitely approve. You make me want to write more just to get out my own spookiness.


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