Thursday, November 30, 2017

products I love ...

I'm always skeptical when a product makes a bold claim ~ like 100% satisfaction guaranteed for removing up to 80% of stains.

I love my morning coffee and afternoon iced tea, and a few months ago I noticed that my teeth really looked discolored.  Ugh.  And no, I'm not going to share before and after pictures.
But I will tell you that there has been a significant difference in how my teeth look after this one tube of toothpaste.  Enough of a difference, that I'm now a loyal Crest 3D White user.
(and yes, I'm 100% satisfied that more than 80% of the stains have gone)

Update on my Culturelle Probiotics experience:  I tried a different brand ~ a less expensive brand ~ to see if it would work as well and make my budget happy.
Short answer: No
Stick with Culturelle.

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