Friday, December 29, 2017

Wednesday's Words on a Friday ...

Words for Wednesday is provided by a number of people and has become a movable feast. Essentially the aim is to encourage you to write. Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image. What you do with those prompts is up to you: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or ignoring them. You can use some or all of the prompts. Some put their creation in comments on the post and others post on their own blog. This month the prompts have been posted on Elephant's Child's blog.  Next month (next week already?!?!) they will be posted here.

I must also apologize for my delay in getting in these last words of 2017.  It has been a year of challenging difficulties for me, and I'm tired.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.  I'm claiming better days in 2018.

The sun was blinding in spite of the extreme below freezing temperatures. It would have been inappropriate for the season, but she wished she had a parasol to shade her eyes from the glare off the snow and ice.  She began ascending the stairs to the library, and suddenly her heel slipped and broke.  She managed to hook her arm through the stair rods to avoid falling, but now she was left with tottering lopsided to her interview.

"Argh!  I knew I shouldn't have worn these!  Why did I feel like I needed to be someone I wasn't for these people?"

A man carrying a large binder of fabric samples, who was coming out of the building stopped next to her.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry.  I was just letting my tongue wag to myself.  I have an interview with the historical restoration committee, and I've broken my heel on the stairs.  Now I will totter in like I've imbibed too many hot toddies this morning."

The man smiled.

"Nonsense!  In fact, I'm on the committee and will vouch for you."

She felt her cheeks flush hot red with embarrassment and wished she'd had a mint to chew on.  In truth, she had indulged in an Irish coffee before leaving the house, but only to calm her nerves.  This was an important interview, and she desperately wanted the job.

"Oh, my.  I'm so embarrassed now.  I don't always talk to myself.  I'm just so nervous.  It has been a while since I've done any interior decorating, and I'm afraid that I've fallen behind on the latest styles and innovations."

"Well, then that should work to your advantage!  This is, after all, a historical restoration project.  We aren't looking for someone who can bring the library into the 22nd Century, but rather someone who will give it more of an 18th Century look.  In fact, these fabric samples are for some of the window pelmets in the conference room.  I was just going to my car to get another binder since none of these seem to be what we are looking for.  Why don't you go inside and wait and I will walk you in to meet the rest of the committee members?"

Nodding, she went up the remaining set of stairs, and into the library where the warmth began to thaw her cheeks in spite of the heat of her blush.  Maybe today would turn out better after all.

This week's prompts are:
Parasol  Heel  Wag  Ascending  Hook  Stair rods  Mint  Tottering  Chew  Binder  Coming  Pelmet


  1. A lovely hopeful tale. Hopefully her life (and yours) will turn around.

    1. Thank you, Sue. I'm so hoping that 2018 will be much better.

  2. Great job with the use of the prompts. Sorry things have not gone well for you personally and wish you a beautiful 2018.

  3. What a great little story. Hope 2018 is full of roses and sunshine for you.


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