Sunday, January 7, 2018

apologies ...

Short and sweet:  I've been falling behind in my Wednesday's Words moderation and other blogging because I have been overwhelmed with the flu, moving, and threats from our former landlord's "property manager" (aka a registered sexual predator/stalker who uses his 'big' title to overcompensate for other areas he is probably lacking in).  

Needless to say, I don't take threats well.  My theory is that if you are going to 'bluff' you better be prepared to back it up with actions (and so far his words have been as impotent as he apparently is).

So we have been silent.  But not inactive.  I know our rights as tenants.  I know our rights as citizens. Let the chips fall where they may.


  1. Sorry you have inherited the bug. Too bad about the other, you don't need that now.

  2. Not a problem. Your health and safety are much, much bigger priorities.


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