Sunday, January 7, 2018

better late than never ... Words

Edmond looked up from the letter he was typing on his vintage Olivetti typewriter to his niece just as the clock on the mantle struck midnight.
Happy New Year!  Although it is still more than a half a night away for you.  I made a resolution this year to not make any resolutions ... and already I've broken it.  I'm going to blame it on snow brain.  This winter the weather here in Germany has been too cold and all I can think of is summer and how I wish I could be spending the sweet spring in the south of France. The beaches of Nice are so relaxing. I remember many holidays spent there when I was a child, and wish I could take you and your mother there.
Tomorrow will be the celebration of Elvis' birthday ... a day my brother, your father, reluctantly shared with him. I find that in these golden years of mine, memories of your father come more frequently.  I miss him as much as you do.
I received the postcard of the magnificant sarcophagus you saw while at the museum with your classmates.  I'm so glad that you share my fascination with history.  One day I would like to show you the Egypt that your father and I explored.
1. Resolution
2. Niece
3. Sweet
4. Celebration
5. Elvis
6. Golden

1. Snow
2. Summer
3. Typewriter
4. Edmund
5. Sarcophagus
6. France


  1. Being sick and stressed hasn't affected your ability with words one iota. Love this.

  2. That is what I consider to be the VERY best part of Words for Wednesday...there are no rules. You can write your piece a month from now and still be 'in the game' lol. Lovely letter from Edmund to his niece.


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