Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday's Words

Dear Ivan;

It was so wonderful to see you in Paris, and thank you so much for thoughtfully taking care of the dinner on the Seine.  It was so much fun to play dress-up, even at my age!  And the ride in the Studebaker!  How did you manage to find a Studebaker taxi? 

I know she is planning to write you a thank you note, but I wanted to just tell you how beautiful the ring was, and how special it will always be to her.  I remember when Percy told me he had lost his class ring and was quite upset because it had a real diamond in it.  I don't know where you found it, but having it sized down to fit her hand was so thoughtful and touching.

Both of us had such a good laugh at Pooh's travels, and the pictures are incredible.  I'm so glad that she asked you to keep him for now and continue to send us pictures to add to the album.  It has given her more of an interest in seeing the world, and she has even been talking about taking photography lessons and writing a children's book in the future.

The duet improv the two of you played on the piano in the hotel lobby was so fun as well.  I can tell that her jazz piano lessons are paying off.  It was good to hear her laughter, and yours, and to see both of you smiling so much.

We have had quite an exciting week since we returned....

Wyatt, our new puppy, spent the time we were gone at a boarding facility where they attempted to teach him some manners.  I think all he managed to do was to become obsessed with chasing frisbees and baseballs!  He has a new best friend, or rather BFF as Abigail says.  Another puppy he met at the kennel named Winston.  They were inseparable and now Wyatt just mopes around.  Abigail thinks we should get another puppy to keep him company, and her reasoning is that it is just as easy to care for two as it is for one.  We have declared a truce over the issue for now, but I keep finding pictures of puppies all over the house.  I believe she is trying to send me subliminal messages now,  there was even one twisted into the toilet paper!

Two days after we got him home, he managed to have a close encounter with a skunk who attempted to maim him with toxic gas.  He came barrelling into the house and rolled all over the new sofa cover so now the living room smells horrible as well.   A woman at the kennel named Wanda swore that bathing him in tomato juice would make the smell vanish, however now he just smells like a skunk that has wallowed in spaghetti sauce!

Now, you stop laughing.  I know that even though you are reading this letter in Tokyo where it has hopefully found you weeks after I've sent it, that you are taking pleasure in our misery!

Enjoy the rest of your travels in Tokyo and do send us an address for where you will be next so that we can further entertain you with Wyatt's mischief!




  1. Excellent story (letter). Laughed about the tomato juice bath because I tried that once on my dogs and it didn't work for them either. Great job with the word prompts.

    1. thank you! it was inspired by an incident when a dog we know had a similar encounter!

  2. I like this Cindi, you added the words so skillfully throughout your letter they would have never been noticed had you not made them bold. The skunk incident reminded me of one we had with our dog, we wrapped her in a towel and took her to the groomer who somehow removed the smell, the towel was disposed of and the car stank for weeks though...

    1. haha - yes, the dog we know who had the encounter caused sofa cushions to be thrown out!

  3. The continuing story.....and yes, I laughed at the skunk that smelled like spaghetti sauce.

  4. An old fashioned letter to let someone know what's going on back home! Great story, and we need more letters so we can save our stories, too.

  5. Funny story. You paint pictures with your words. Good to know that the tomato juice is in fact not working.

    1. I did find a recipe that includes hydrogen peroxide that is said to work best.

  6. Cindy. "A Studebaker Taxicab in Paris? A bit far fetched; but possible.


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