Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday's Words ...


It is true, I could not contain my laughter at your expense while I was reading your last letter.  It was a much needed release as things lately have been so bloody frustrating for me.  

I know we never talk about my work, or the reason I do so much travelling.  But I must ask for your confidence now, and that if I am silent in the coming months, that you will not worry or raise a flag of alarm to any sort of official, especially any of the Rangers.  Please trust me.  It is for the safety of both of you, and I could never forgive myself if something were to happen.

A package will be arriving for Abigail soon from Germany.  It contains a Steiff groundhog like the one she admired at the zoo.  I know she wanted a live one, but this will just have to do.  I have taken the liberty of naming it Byron and would like for her to create a photo album similar to the one I have created for Pooh. I would especially like to see the area surrounding your new home, work, shops and her school.

There will also be a dictionary in the package for you.  I may occasionally have the need to send you telegrams from where I will be, and I will not be able to trust the locals with what I will need to say if I were to have them send it in English. You will receive a phone call that will tell you where you can receive the telegram. Be sure to look inside the yellow submarine we saw when I was there last for Percy's memorial service.  

I had hoped I would never need to resort to these measures.  I am so sorry that I cannot tell you more, but you are the only person I can trust with this.  After I send this letter, I will no longer be able to trust that my mail is not being diverted and read, or that my phone calls are not being tapped.  Perhaps now you may understand more why I rely on my typewriter and avoid the ease of technology.

Do you remember the night in Apollo park when we all went dancing in the rain the month before Percy died?  I think of that night often now.  A time when life was far less complicated, and the world was a safer place to be.

I will be in touch when I can.  In the meantime, trust me and no one else.  Believe nothing but what your heart knows to be true.




  1. Now i would be scared for her. Take the pictures carefully, so as the places cannot really be identified, and watch your back!

  2. I love the suspense and the way the words have been used! Happy Wednesday and Hugs...RO

  3. I wondered how anyone would use all 12 words. You did an amazing job with your letter.


    1. well done! and i love how you tied in the sharks image!

  5. Marvelous and makes me want to know this protagonist much more.

  6. thank you all! i'm looking forward to seeing the words next month to decide if i will continue their correspondence.

  7. Good job with the words.
    I like the correspondence form ...

  8. Nice job Cindi, I also like the correspondence form you have been using with your words, and Thank you for the word prompts this month, they have been great.

  9. Very intriguing Cindi. I would dearly love to know what has happened and why, and how or if it will be resolved.

  10. Thank you for some wonderful word lists.

  11. Thank you, and you are welcome for the words this month. I'm looking forward to next month and possibly continuing this storyline.

  12. Great story, so much sadness.


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