Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Petrichor ...

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.  The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.  This month the words have been supplied by River and can be found here.

image source: WeHeartIt.com
I've been parched.  Thirsty for water other than snow. 
Rain and petrichor, the promise of spring.
I long to squat in the dirt; hands and knees black with the earth. The promise of life. 
To turn my eyes, squinted against the sunlit trees, budding leaves, and robins building nests for future generations. 
To wander the beaches, listening to the waves wash granite to sand as if the bay were a quarry of God's making. 
To feel the copper-colored grains of sand between my bare toes, free of wool socks, long johns, and snow boots. 
I long to rest, comfortable in the shade of trees thick with green, my personal space disrupted only by wildflowers, butterflies, and honeybees buzzing like the vibration of silenced cell phones.

I long for Spring.

1. petrichor = Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.
2. sunlit
3. squinted
4. comfortable
5. disrupted
6. phones
1. personal space
2. copper
3. granite
4. quarry
5. squat
6. parched


  1. Lovely, Cindi...a unique take on the words. :)

  2. I like your idea with the words. Very nice!

  3. This is very excellent, I can feel your longing through your words. On the other side of the world here, I'm longing for Autumn and cooler days.

  4. Yes, exactly. Here in the swamps, we have pussycat winters and still hope for spring. This year we went straight to summer.

  5. Beautiful job and I'm 100% with you in that longing.

  6. thank you all. it has been a long winter here in Wisconsin. three back to back storms in the last two weeks dropped almost 2 feet of snow on us, so I am extremely grateful that the temperatures are warming.


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