Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wednesday ~ somewhere ...

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.  The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.  This month the words are supplied by River and can be found here.


I read your email several times and still don't understand.  What do you mean Uncle Ivan has gone into hiding?  

I have taken the pictures of the exteriors of the house, school, and all the places we shop using Byron as he asked.  When I tried to take a picture of your office building, however, the receptionist left her desk and approached me quite angrily.  She treated me as if I was some madwoman, demanding to know what I was doing there.  I don't think she recognized me as your daughter, so I twitched and mumbled about the bacteria that had escaped the vaults after the plane crashed into them just as the ancient prediction said.  

I know, it was probably cruel to joke with her in such a way, but she was being quite rude to me.  She covered her mouth and backed away before running back into your building.  I stumbled around the corner just in case she was still watching me, but I almost ran right into a light post because I was laughing so hard.

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On another topic ... our biology class has scheduled a weekend overnight hike to a mountain lake in April after the last snow has melted.  It is a national park that has several endangered species there that we have been studying.  I would be part of the team looking for Loggerhead Shrikes to see if their numbers have increased or declined since the last count.  The boys will be tasked with finding endangered snakes, frogs and salamanders.

I would really like to go, if there is any flicker of hope that you might let me.  Yes, it will be co-ed.  Yes, there will be several adult chaperones.  Yes, we will be highly supervised.  Yes, I promise that if you let me go I will not put myself in any danger.  The hike to the lake is an easy one, and the park where we will stay in cabins for the night will have cell phone reception so you can call me.  I can give you the names and phone numbers of all of the chaperones as well.

Oh, one other thing.  There was a delivery today of a white lilac bush that is nearly ready to bloom.  But there was no card with it to say who it was from.  I put it in the southwestern window where it will get the most sunlight right now and watered it.  Do you suppose Uncle Ivan sent it?

We will talk more tonight when you get home from work.  I'm making dinner tonight for you.  And yes, that is an attempt to butter you up so you will let me go on the trip.

Love you,

1. exterior
2. madwoman
3. mountain lake
4. twitched
5. flicker
6. desk

1. prediction
2. approach
3. bacteria
4. vaults
5. plane
6. white lilac


  1. I like this very much Cindi, I'm curious about Uncle Ivan, why he needs all those photos, has he gone into witness protection? I hope she is allowed to go on the school excursion.

  2. It still concerns me that Ivan asked for pictures. Something odd is up. A very good continuing story.

    1. maybe next week's words will reveal some of the mystery

  3. I love the way you have been writing all of these in letter form, nicely done on keeping the story flowing along with your letters.

  4. Great letter to Mom. Sounds like something my daughter would have done to the rude receptionist. Like the pictures you included also. I have my story up this morning also.

  5. Hello Cindi. Just catching up with all the WFW stories.
    I smiled all the way through this little note from Abs to her Mum.
    Oh yes it certainly was a cute way to get her mum on her side.
    Hope she can go on the school trip - and hopefully Uncle Ivan will come clean

    Cathy @ Still Waters


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