Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get creative juices flowing.  The weekly prompts can be used in any way ... all, some, or none of the words. The idea is just to become inspired to write...anything...poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, sci-fi or fantasy.  I've been continuing with characters that made their first appearance in January ... This month's words have been provided by Delores at Mumblings, and they are engine, thunder, rolling, blast, ancient, boulder and or misstep, ponder, volume, crib, split and brilliant.

Percy watched from the shadows of the forest as the train engine rumbled past him like rolling thunder.  Just then the engineer let loose a loud blast from the train's whistle and he stepped back farther into the woods wondering if he had been seen.  His contact was to meet him on the other side
of the railway, in an ancient cemetery that was near an abbey built into boulders on the side of a mountain in Salzburg, Austria.  It was a popular tourist attraction, and he was hoping that the cold and rain would make it less of an attraction than some of the other beautiful churches in town that offered an escape from the weather.

The information he had been given about his contact didn't give him much to go on, and he wondered if this had been a misstep of his superiors.  If all went well on this mission, it was to be his last, a concept that often caused him to ponder whether or not he could heal the hurt he caused his wife and daughter when he had disappeared from their lives.

The volume in his earpiece crackled as lightning struck nearby, and he whispered into a small microphone built into the collar of his overcoat.

"You're sure this thing won't turn me into a lightning rod?"

He could hear muffled laughter in his ear, and then his supervisor's voice barked at him.

"Shut it and focus on the mission.  We can't afford to lose this contact.  You remember the code word to verify that it is him, yes?"

Percy winced at the loud voice that felt like it was going to split his head in two.

"I'm to ask if he knows how to play crib, right?"  He smiled wryly, knowing that his response would further set his supervisor off.

"Cribbage!  How many times must I tell you?  Cribbage!"

"Right.  Right you are.  Brilliant game that cribbage is.  Only for the aged, is it?  No wonder I can't recall the name."

He could hear crashing and cussing as his supervisor must have pulled off his headset and thrown it to the floor of the van parked near the abbey.  Grinning he stepped out of the shadows and crossed the tracks.  He'd better get this final mission right or his supervisor might just make his death official rather than faked.


  1. A spy story! I love them :)
    I do wonder if he will ever be reunited with his family though. And can they forgive the deception?

  2. I really, really hope it is his last mission. And loved your story.

  3. Risky business ticking your supervisor off.


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