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playing Wednesday's Words catch-up

I have been lacking in the creativity department for most of this month. Stressed by this never-ending winter and work issues.
​This meme was started by Delores at Mumblings and now Words for Wednesdayhas grown feet which travel month-to-month to other bloggers for the words. This month, the prompts
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The goal is to encourage us to think, write, and create.  Each week a choice of prompts
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Since I am playing catch-up for three weeks of words, rather than listing them here as I usually do, I will put them in ALL CAPS and underline them as they are used.

The sheer curtains blew in from the open window like a GHOUL on Halloween, gliding through a cemetery. For a moment, the medium was caught by the AMBIGUOUS implication of her thoughts and actually believing that such spirits really existed. She knew that her palm-reading, fortune-telling, spirit-calling business was nothing more than a fraud. A FORGERY of emotions designed to only BENEFIT her bank account, and not the grieving innocents that sat across the table from her.

"Do you think he was having an AFFAIR?"

The question brought her back to the present grieving widow sitting in the uncomfortable wooden chair she had purposely selected to make customers figit as they sat watching her intently turn cards and interpret their meaning.

"I only ask because before we married, he used to PARADE a young woman's photo around as the childhood love of his life and take DELIGHT in my insecurity."

A WHISPER behind her caused the medium to turn suddenly and peer into the darkness of the drawing room. It was lit only by artificial flickering candles in empty wine BOTTLES. They were controlled by a switch she could tap to instantly extinguish the light and turn them back on again as if to indicate the presence of a spirit.

"Did you hear that?" she asked the widow.

"Was it him? Do you think he is here?"

"Would you like me to call him, to see if we can raise his spirit?"

"No. I don't think that would be wise. He may be angry with me, and he could be a little HOMICIDAL when he got angry."

"Well, then what would you like to know? Simply whether or not he was cheating on you?"

The breeze coming in from the window picked up, and a swirl of SAWDUST from repairs done recently to a leak in the ceiling made a small dust devil that lifted off the ground and made a CIRCLE on the floor around the women.

"No. I want to know if he knew that I found out who she was."

Now the wind coming in the window began to howl like a man in agony, and the table between the two women shuddered. The Grandfather clock standing against the wall suddenly stopped its comforting TICK tock. The FRESH black roses she had placed in a vase on the drawing board where she kept her cards began to die as if they were weeks only instead of hours.

A single DROPLET of something a MAGNIFICENT color of blood red fell from the ceiling onto the back of the card the medium was about to turn over.

"Please tell me that is nothing more than tomato JUICE" the widow whispered.

The medium looked up to the ceiling from where it had fallen as if to APPEAL to the god she thought had abandoned her years ago for a CLUE about what was happening. She slowly shook her head no as she met the widow's eyes.

"Perhaps we should CANCEL the rest of this session?" the medium asked as she began to smell the scent of a man's CHEAP cologne.

Nodding yes, the widow's face began to turn a light shade of PURPLE as she realized she was unable to draw a deep breath. Something was pressing against her chest, pressing the small silver WHALE pendant she wore under her blouse deep into her skin. She had found it in the pants pocket of the man she once was deeply in LOVE with, and she knew it hadn't been meant as a gift for her.

She had taken it from his pocket before she tossed the pants into the washing machine, the last straw of many in their marriage.  Another sign of his emotional infidelity that he would flaunt in her face.

The widow let out a THIN, FRIGHTENED gasp of air and SCRATCHED at where the whale was now digging deep into her flesh, a line of blood now showing on her blouse.  Her voice, barely a whisper, as she leaned forward towards the medium.

"He was everything I wanted.  WEALTHY and generous with his FLOWERY compliments.  But I wasn't enough for him after a while and he became SULKY.  All the hours I spent slaving over a hot STOVE, trying to please him,   Wrestling with his UNWIELDY piles of dirty clothes and dishes as he  turned me into a simpering slave to his demands.  But it made no difference.  Nothing I did was good enough for him.  All he wanted was you."

The medium gasped and leaned back in her chair as the blowing curtain behind the widow revealed a face in the folds.  The man she had loved since childhood.  A man she thought she would never see again once their parents found out about their love for each other and put them in boarding schools on opposite sides of the country.

"You were FEARLESS in your love for him, he told me.  Defiant.  Breathtaking.  He swore he would find you one day and when he did, it would be over between us.  I couldn't let that happen.  I'd been trapped like a monkey in a ZOO doing tricks for the PRICE of his affection for me.  But he never gave me his heart.  It was always yours.  I wish his search for you had been given up years ago, but his INQUISITIVE mind wouldn't let him quit.  I had to kill him.  I had no choice.  Once I found the whale pendant, I knew he'd found you."

Tears ran down the medium's face.  She reached subconsciously to her left wrist where she wore a watch on a leather band engraved with humpback whales.  She'd seen it on vacation once, whale watching in Alaska, and it reminded her of the last time they were together.  They had snuck away to Baja, Mexico on Spring Break to watch the whales.  He had asked her to marry him, and given her a small silver ring with a mother of pearl whale on it.  She still wore it.

His image in the curtains sighed and she could feel his sadness wash over her.

The widow continued whispering.  "It took me a little time, but I found you too.  I came here to see what you looked like, and to tell you that I killed him and you will never be able to take him from me."

The pressure around her chest tightened, and her breathing became more labored.

"I came here to kill you."

Standing so quickly that her chair fell backwards, the medium stepped away from the table as the widow pulled a gun from her purse and pointed it at her.  The wind in the room roared with anger, and the candles turned off as the medium tried to get away.  In the darkness, she couldn't see anything other than the flash of the gun as the widow fired wildly to the left and right of her.  She heard the widow scream, then nothing.

The candles flickered back on.  Lying on her back on the floor with her eyes and mouth wide open, the widow was dead.

Moving slowly, without a breeze through the window now, the curtain again revealed the face of her true love.  He sighed.

"I will never leave you again."


  1. I do love this - but have to ask, how will the medium explain the widow's death? Such a sad tale, and the medium and her lover will have to wait to be completely together.

    1. natural causes. perhaps a fear induced heart-attack. at the very least it would be self-defense by a ghostly bodyguard since the only fingerprints on the gun would be the widow's who came with ill intent, and there would be no evidence that the medium even touched her.


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