Thursday, April 5, 2018

"It started as a game..."

This meme was started by Delores at Mumblings and now Words for Wednesday has grown feet which travel month-to-month to other bloggers for the words. This month, the prompts are provided by Elephant's Child.
Essentially the goal is to encourage us to think, write, and create.
​Each week we are given a choice of prompts: which can be words, phrases, music or an image. What we do with those prompts is up to us. All or some of the prompts can be used to create a short story, prose, a song, a poem. Or you can choose to ignore them and just go off on your own.
To read the magic these words create this month, follow [this link to Elephant's Child]. Some of the magic is posted as comments under the words each week, while others will post on their own blogs and comment with a link. This week's prompts are: game, bag, torch, queen, fit, pardon and/or beach, shadow, orb, chilly, collision, desperate.

It started as a game of seek-and-find.

Each of them took a canvas bag and set off into the woods at dusk with only a small torch to light the way when daylight finally faded away. They were to capture a queen, however, none of them stopped to ask what she was a queen of, or whether or not she would even fit into their bags. If it had been a bee or wasp queen, that would have been one thing, although none of them had any idea how to do that without getting stung. If it was a fairy queen that might have been even more of a challenge, they would have to beg her pardon for stuffing her into a bag in the first place and hope that she didn't turn them all into toads before they could disarm her.

Walking in the dark, with their torch lights looking like fireflies bobbing through the trees, they were surprised to find themselves on the beach of a lake so vast they couldn't see the opposite side of it since their torches faded into shadow across the water. Standing there, wondering whether to find a way around or go back the way they came, they realized that an orb of light was dancing towards them across what they could only assume was water.

Whispering amongst themselves, they realized the temperature of the air had suddenly turned chilly and the orb seemed to grow larger and faster as it approached. In a panic now, several of them turned to run, dropping their torches which immediately extinguished, leaving them in the cold and dark. The sounds of several of them meeting in a collision only made each of them more desperate to escape whatever was coming.

When dawn broke over the forest and its hidden lake, voices could be heard calling out their names. Empty bags littered the forest floor, and the children were seen no more.


  1. Now there is an ending I hadn't expected. And perhaps should have done.
    I love your dark fairy tale.


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