Thursday, May 24, 2018

Annalisa's Patisserie

Started by Delores a long time ago, this rotating celebration of words and the magic they make was begun to encourage creative writing. Each week a selection of prompts are posted, which can be words, phrases, music or an image. What is created with those prompts is up to the writer and imagination: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or whatever they make the writer think of. Some creative minds put their creations in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. If you enjoy reading their words, please comment to encourage. The prompts will be on the Elephant's Child blog this month and are provided by Margaret Adamson, and her friend Sue Fulton. They also include photographs taken by Margaret's friend Bill Dodds.

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     Merribell set her towel on the radiator to warm while she turned the water on for her shower.  In the months since she and Nate had met on the train, they had talked every day and spent nearly every weekend together.  A week ago Friday, they had gone to her little brother Stephan's homecoming football game and played chaperone at the homecoming dance afterward.

     She had stayed home from her own high school dances while her mother had been sick.  When he found out, Nate had insisted on treating the night as if it were their senior prom, and it turned into a fairy tale evening for her as Nate swept her off her feet.  She wore the same ball gown that her mother had once worn to her own senior prom with Merribell's father.

     "M'bell, you look like a princess!  You remind me so much of your mother in that dress.  She would be so happy to see you in it."

     "I miss her so much, Poppa."

     "I know you do.  I miss her too, but I know one day we will be together again.  Dancing among the stars and clouds!"

      Now she was preparing to go to the ballet with him wearing a gown she had bought just for the occasion.  She'd never been one to play dress up as a child and wore jeans more than anything.  She had a few dresses that she would occasionally wear, but nothing formal or suitable for a night at the ballet.

     Just as she got her hair lathered up with the shampoo that was beginning to run into her eyes, the electricity went off and the small bathroom was plunged into darkness.  She managed to get her hair rinsed out and finished her shower before carefully stepping out of the tub.  She quickly dried, wrapped her hair in the towel and pulled on her robe before opening the bathroom door.

     "Stephan?  Poppa?"

     It was still early afternoon and the light from outside filtered into their small house.  She wandered from room to room calling for her father and brother.  Finally, Stephan burst in the back door from outside, making Merribell jump as she heard the door slam closed behind him.

     "Stephan! What on earth is going on?  Why are you slamming the door, and what happened to the power?"

     "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean it to slam.  There was a wind storm that suddenly came up and it  knocked over several trees.  One of them hit the transformer down the road aways.  Poppa and I ran down to see if anyone was hurt.  A car was hit by one of the trees, and the people are trapped inside.  Poppa had me run back to call 911, and to see if I could find a crowbar."

     "Who was it that was in the car?  Anyone we know?  Are they hurt?"

     "No, they don't seem to be hurt, we just can't get the doors open.  I think they are tourists.  The car has a Wyoming tag on it.  Poppa thinks we should get them out of the car before they try to turn the power back on."

     "I'll call 911 from my cell phone because I don't think the house phone will work with the power out.  You go find a crowbar from the shed."

     Stephan and her father had been able to get the car door open, and paramedics made sure none of them were injured.  It had taken only an hour for the electric crews to get power restored, but another five for road crews to clear the fallen trees.

     Merribell had been so busy cooking meals for the workers that she hadn't heard Nate's car drive up and the front door open.

     "Smells delicious in here.  What's cooking?"

     Merribell smiled as she turned to greet him.  "Well, aren't you Mr. Debonaire tonight?  I'm so sorry we missed the ballet.  They just got the road cleared a few minutes ago.  I've been making dinner for all the workers in appreciation for everything they've done today."

     "Yes, I've been waiting on the other side of the closure."

     "Oh no!  This entire time?"

     "No, only about an hour.  I heard about the storm and fallen trees on the car radio earlier today, but didn't realize the road was still closed.  So, what are you cooking?"

     "I have a roast resting on the top of the stove right now and was just about to slice it for sandwiches.  I made four loaves of bread earlier,  a special homemade sandwich spread my great-grandmother used to make, and the apple crisp bars for dessert are just about ready to come out of the oven."

     "All this afternoon?  You've been busy!"

     "Once I knew the people trapped in their car were alright, I got busy in the kitchen.  Would you like to help by slicing the meat while I slice up the bread?"
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     The two of them moved around the kitchen together preparing the sandwiches and dessert bars while music played on the kitchen radio.  Occasionally they would stop working to do a mambo dance together, laughing and swaying with the music.  Her father and Stephan set up tables and chairs on the front lawn for the workers, occasionally passing through the kitchen to get plates and glasses.  Her father would smile so wide at his daughter's happiness that new wrinkles formed almost instantly around his eyes.

     "If I was transported to Heaven right now, I would be a happy old man knowing M'bell has found love, Momma." he whispered to himself.  Later he pulled Stephan into a tight bear hug.

     "Poppa, you're suffocating me!"  Stephan laughed and hugged his father back.  It had been a long time since there was so much laughter in their house.  It felt good.

     "Come!  Let us feast with the workers and thank them for all they have done today, and give thanks to God for there not being any injuries today!"  Poppa put on his beanie cap and set it jauntily to the side of his head as he carried a tray of sandwiches out the door.
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     Nate pulled Merribell aside just before they went out.  "I'm looking at a small patisserie next week that I think would be perfect for you to open your bistro.  That is, if you still want to do that.  I think you would be a great success."

     Merribell looked up at him, her hand over her mouth.  "Really?"

Nate nodded and Merribeth threw her arms around his neck.  "Oh!  I'm so excited!  Wait till I tell Poppa!"


  1. What a terrific held my attention all the way through.

  2. Beautiful. There will e challenges ahead, but you've shown they will face them together.


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