Wednesday, May 30, 2018

road trip

     Started by Delores a long time ago, this rotating celebration of words and the magic they make was begun to encourage creative writing. Each week a selection of prompts are posted, which can be words, phrases, music or an image. What is created with those prompts is up to the writer and imagination: a short story, prose, a song, a poem, or whatever they make the writer think of. Some creative minds put their creations in comments on the post, and others post on their own blog. If you enjoy reading their words, please comment to encourage. The prompts will be on the Elephant's Child blog this month and are provided by Margaret Adamson, and her friend Sue Fulton. They also include photographs taken by Margaret's friend Bill Dodds.
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       Annalisa's had been open for almost a year when Nate finally proposed to Merribell.  It was Christmas, and her little brother, Stephan, had come home from university for the holidays.  Nate had asked her father's permission to marry her in July after he first got Stephan's approval.   He had nearly broken a rib or two in Poppa's bearhug "yes" to his request.  

     He had given Nate the engagement ring that had once been her mothers.  Nate, with Poppa's approval, had taken the diamonds and designed a ring for her also using diamonds from his own late mother's engagement ring, and incorporating Merribell's birthstone.  He felt that by combining the rings into one, he was joining the two families and that both of their mothers were giving their blessings on the union.  It had taken him almost the full six months before he was satisfied with the jeweler's design after sending him back to the drawing board more than a dozen times.  The ring had to be perfect.

     Merribell had been so moved to tears that for several minutes she couldn't even speak, and Nate had worried she was going to say no.  The rest of the holidays were a blur as the two of them talked and made plans.  She wanted something simple, and it was decided that they would have a small, intimate ceremony in the garden at Annalisa's in the late spring.  The roses she had planted, favorites of both their mothers, would be blooming.  It would be a perfect time to get away for a honeymoon since business would still be at a steady pace but not the chaotic pace that summer would become when all of the tourists arrived.

Image Source: Bill Dodds
     Their honeymoon was spent almost the same way they had first met, riding a train south along the coast, then renting a car and driving back through the Grand Canyon, something both of them had talked about doing before.  Merribell wanted to try some of the smaller southwest restaurants to expand her menu to include a variety of foods that she could feature for special occasions.

     All of Merribell's dreams and those of her mother had finally come true.


  1. A lovely story! Yes, they will have good times and bad times and maybe even the occasional "heated discussion," but it sounds like they are the kind who commit with their whole heart and don't give up.

  2. I do love a happy ending. Thank you.


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