Friday, June 8, 2018

between the pages ...

I love peanut brittle.  Brickle.  Brittle.  Whatever.  Sugar + peanuts = yummy in my tummy.
However, arthritis in my jaw doesn't like hard candy anymore, and it can be painful to eat crunchy stuff.
Not that I let it stop me very often.
I got a sample of Softer Than Brittle, and it was AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh I could eat this all day
(and wish the sample was bigger because I had to share it with the hubs and he likes it too!)
It is available on Amazon (click the name above) and comes in almond, pecan, cashew, AND peanut.  With only seven ingredients (I counted just five since I'm not sure that "natural flavor" is an actual ingredient), it is gluten- and dairy-free, and vegan, so depending on who you ask, could actually be considered the perfect food!
Must buy more!

I ordered an advanced copy of this book to review because I was intrigued....  
I mean, really, wouldn't you be?
Especially when the back cover blurb starts by saying "Let's face it.  Church isn't working."
Chris Sonksen hit me right between the eyes with many of his words.  Before I knew it, I was reaching for a pen to underline the "me" between the lines.
But that isn't to say that I agree with all of his words.  I don't believe that the church today is the church that God, or Jesus, intended it to be some 2,000+ years ago.
Church then seemed to be more about community, fellowship and spreading the hope of Christ Risen.
Church today takes the words of the Bible, twists and turns them into something that better suits the congregation and pastor.  It seems to be more "take what you like and leave the rest."  Oh and don't forget to drop that check in the offering plate on your way out the door.
I enjoyed the read, and he did have some valid points about life and how we do things to self-sabotage our own happiness and satisfaction.  I'm sure I will re-read it from time to time, and perhaps see even more between the lines.  Will I quit church in the literal sense?  No, but I will change how I think, speak, and do some things because of points he has made.  Do I think his book or advice will make my life better?  Not exactly, but it will make a difference.


  1. Chris Sonksen's book sound interesting. I suspect it is true of many religions and philosophies...

  2. Our church has a motto: Deeper in Christ, Further Into the World. We should go deeper into a relationship with the Savior and always being ready to take the Good News to everyone we meet.

  3. Peanut brittle....a childhood favourite. It came in a thick slab that my Dad would break up into bite sized never lasted long.


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