Tuesday, July 10, 2018

products my ... cats love!

Yesterday, out of the blue, a free sample of Kalico Kush Katnip arrived from Meowijuana.
This is what Lucy did to the envelope after I removed the sample.
Previously we got a sample of their Chicken Bar with Catnip from my office neighbor, Heidi with Naturapetz.
Gracie LOVES it!  
Lucy doesn't know what to do with the little bits I give them, which is fine with Gracie because she scarfs hers and then eats Lucy's share.
Yesterday after Lucy demolished the envelope and some of the flakes I put on their scratch pad for them, she disappeared for a few hours.  I found her sleeping in one of their cat caves.
Chillin' like a villain.

They also have some treats for dogs, which I don't think Charlie would have a taste for because he's a teetotaler.  But Trooper, who was a beer snob like I used to be ... he'd have loved them.  He would turn his nose up at domestics but loved a good microbrew or import.
I miss him.
Charlie, we recently discovered, loves cold watermelon.  He's such a clown.


  1. Treats for the kitties...lovely. We used to grow our own catnip and dry it. Old Nick loved it.

  2. None of our cats have ever shown any interest in catnip. Which makes me wonder...
    Of course you miss Trooper. His place in your heart is permanent.


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