A Home for Annie

21 November 2012
She was dumped on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
With two others.
No food and no water.
I heard them but didn't see them until Tuesday.
24 November 2012
Hours spent sitting in the dirt.
Talking to shadows in the trees.
Finally she came close enough to sniff my fingers.
Flies biting her skin.
28 November 2012
It was another four days before she let me pet her.
Then she didn't want me to stop.
She'd climb on my lap and let me massage her feet,
and forehead.
Whispering to her that not all people were mean,
and this is what it felt like to be loved.
29 November 2012
I wanted to give her a bath, to help keep the flies off her,
but the water hose frightened her so bad she slipped the leash and ran.
Whomever abused her must have used a hose.
3 December 2012
Yes, she is an FSU fan...
I picked her up and carried her into my house.
She doesn't like the feel of tile under her feet.
She had attracted too much attention from people I knew would mistreat her.
I didn't want her new found confidence in people to backfire on her.
Learning from the big guy...
Leashes and collars were something new for her.
But Trooper set the example.

4 December 2012
Rockin' a new pink reflective collar
She spent the day sleeping on my bed.
Against my pillow.
 6 December 2012
Respecting boundaries.
She walks willingly on the leash most of the time,
comes when I call to her if I let her off leash to run and play with Trooper.
Water hoses are still the enemy though.
She's loved.
Maybe for the first time ever.
10 December 2012
A setback last night.
It must have been the day for taking out the trash in my neighborhood.
Every time we went out for a walk, men carrying garbage bags terrorized her.
She must have a memory of something truly horrible.
I was able to calm her until late last night.
A man in the darkness with a trash bag was more than she could cope with.
She pulled out of her collar and ran,
into the woods where the other two boys were waiting,
She wouldn't come back to me no matter how hard I tried.
So she spent the night in the woods with them,
while I spent the night tossing and turning with worry.
This morning when I was walking Trooper, I whistled for her.
Hoping and praying.
And she came running, whining with excitement and relief.
When we were done with our walk,
she ran eagerly into the house,
without a collar or leash.
Straight upstairs to her new sense of security.
11 December 2012
Soul friends
Trooper loves having someone to run with,
who can keep up with him,
or push him to go faster,
when she passes him.
She jumps on him and trash talks him,
doesn't back down to him.
They act like they've known each other forever.
Perhaps they have...
12 December 2012
Sad news this afternoon.
Buster was hit and killed by a car in last night's rain.
I'm still trying to find Beau.
[click here to follow his story]
I wish the people who owned them had just cared enough to take them to a shelter,
and not dumped them in the woods.
16 December 2012
Annie got a bath today.
It was a necessity after she decided to roll on a dead fish on the beach.
She wasn't thrilled with the idea at first.
But then when she realized that a warm shower,
and oatmeal shampoo rubbed in with a nubby massage spa brush
felt pretty darn good
and would be followed up with a warm towel rub down
she wanted to know why she wasn't getting pampered like this every day.
24 December 2012

1 January 2013
It was a wild night with the boys [Trooper & Beau]
We only got about 2 hours of sleep.
Fireworks frighten Trooper,
and a large [and very loud] barge going up the Inter-coastal Waterway
frightened Beau ...
who yelped under the bedroom deck until I went out and comforted him.

3 January 2013
Someone stayed out all night long in the cold and rain.
Stubbornly refusing to leave Beau and unable to convince him to come in.
This morning a warm towel from the dryer was waiting to welcome her,
and she gladly accepted it.
6 January 2013
The morning after...
Annie was spayed yesterday.
She also got all her shots,
and is heartworm negative.
20 January 2013
I would post a new picture, but Miss Annie has been feeling so good lately,
that she seldom slows down.
But if you [click here] you will see some a series I took early one morning,
after she woke me up.
I'll try to get a video of her soon.
9 February 2013
Annie and Trooper after rain kept them cooped up in the house for a few days.
28  April 2013
Water hoses are no longer a thing to be feared!
They come just after a swim after the beach, and just before a luxurious towel rub-down!
She has grown into a wonderfully sweet girl!
She loves getting hugs, and will come and tell me when she needs to go outside.
We are still working on what is and is not acceptable to chew on,
but I've gotten her some flat basketballs from the school for toys!
3 September 2013
Looks can be deceiving!
click [here] to read more
16 November 2013
Almost a month ago I came to a painful realization about this sweet girl that I've come to love so much.
Since that time, I've been searching for the perfect home for her ...
because that is what she deserves.
A home that will have a big fenced yard where she can run safely without fear ...
or danger.
Kids who will hug her back ... run with her ... play with her ... love her.
If you are reading this because you think you might be that perfect home for her ...
God bless you.
30 November 2013
My heart is cracking today.
Annie went to the Humane Society of Bay County this morning
to hopefully find a forever home before Christmas.
I wanted to keep her forever.
But there is just too much danger of her running onto the highway and getting hit,
or encountering someone mean if she chases a scent under the bridge,
where homeless drug dealers have been known to camp.
She needs to be able to run, off leash, free to go as fast as she can
(which is really fast).
I miss her already, but know that there is a family out there who will love her as much as I always will.
1 December 2013
To Annie's prospective family...
1. She's a good hugger. That's her "tell." When she needs to go out to potty, she will come over and put her front paws on your leg like she wants a hug. When she's hungry or thirsty and the bowls are empty, she'll do the same ... or if she senses that you need a hug too.
2. If she is fussy about her dry food, sprinkle some "magic powder" (Parmesan cheese) on it.
3. She will "sit" for treats and loves hot dogs.
4. She's a drama queen when she gets a sticker in her foot, but if you tell her to "wait" she will stop and let you get it out for her.
5. She's leash trained, but don't let her size fool you. She can pull like a pack of Alaskan sled dogs when she gets on a scent.
6. She'll hog all the pillows on the bed if you let her ~ and she drools in her sleep.
7. She loves to run and play at the beach and in the water ... and if there is a mud puddle within 25 miles, she'll find it.
8. She loves a rub-down with a warm towel after a walk in the rain.
9. She has a wicked sense of humor ~ if walking up or down stairs she might goose you in the butt if she thinks you are walking too slow ... or she'll fart in your face if she's going up in front of you.
10. She will always have a place in my heart and be loved forever.
13 December 2013
I've always thought that Friday the 13th was a good thing.
And today it was.
Confirmation that Annie was adopted by a family with two children.
Christmas comes early this year.
15 December 2013
"Hello...just wanted to let you know Annie is in a good home...she has a back yard to run in...a mom and dad that love her already...and three kids that she absolutely adores...she trys to steal my wife's pillow every night...which I think is funny. I think my wife reminds her of you. You did a wonderful thing for her and we are grateful we found her. If u would like we will send u pics from time to time ~ Mike"

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  1. Annie has been an amazing addition to our family. My two sons and daughter fight over who gets to have Annie sleep with them. She also gets along very well with our eleven year old maltipoo. She loves the dog park and enjoyed looking at Christmas lights. Thank you for taking care of Annie. She is a beautiful dog.


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