Rescuing Beau...

21 November 2012

His journey starts [here] with Annie's.
Three unwanted dogs,
two males and a female,
dumped with no food or water
the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2012.
Far from all that might have been familiar to them.
They hid in the woods.
I didn't see them until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
I left food and water for them.
Sat in the dirt
in the dark
and talked to shadows in the trees until finally...

I was able to gain Annie's trust,
and get her into the safety of my house.
But that left the boys alone
in the woods
so with her help,
I'm getting closer to getting them a home for the holidays too.

Won't you please keep them in your prayers?
9 December 2012
Pictures taken tonight.
I'm getting closer.
12 December 2012
My heart is broken.
Buster was hit by a car last night.
Killed in the rain.
I found out in an email,
sent by someone who had been trying to help me find a way to rescue them.
I'm crushed.
I hadn't seen either of them since Sunday night.
I had hoped that they had just found cover from the rain,
it has been falling since Monday afternoon.
The food I had left them Monday had barely been touched
when I replaced it with dry, fresh food yesterday morning.
15 December 2012
Exciting sighting!
Beau came out of hiding and joined us this morning on our walk.
He came within five feet of me.
In the daylight.
There is hope for bringing him in.
23 December 2012
I didn't see Beau after the 18th last week.
The food I left him was untouched on some days.
On others, the aluminum pans are scattered in the dirt.
Raccoons and possums are such ungrateful eaters.
This morning the food was gone.
Pans neatly sitting next to the water bucket.
We thought we heard him at 0130 this morning,
just one bark in the dark.
But he was not to be found.
Maybe later.
27 December 2012
I had not seen Beau in over a week, and this morning he appeared out of nowhere at the far end of the field, near the water.  Annie was even surprised to see him, but very excited.  He came close enough to sniff my fingers a few times (progress, yay!) and as I sat scratching Annie's neck, he walked up behind me to sniff my hair.  He doesn't look like he is starving, so has been eating ~ hopefully the food I've continued to leave out for him even when I didn't see him.

He does, however, have an injured "ankle" on his right hind leg.  He is not limping, and walks/runs fine on it.  I can't tell exactly what is wrong with it, and it might very well be something he has always had that I just noticed because it appears to be bleeding a little.  I went back and looked at pictures I was able to take of him one night earlier this month, and think that it is something he has always had.  It appears to be a break that set bad - the ankle is much thicker than the other, and there appears to be scars.  But it doesn't cause him any pain that I saw.

He did flinch quite a bit when I tried to pet him as he was sniffing my fingers, and so I'm certain that someone hit him.  He wants desperately to get closer, but his fear keeps him from trusting completely.  The fact that he finally came close enough to sniff my fingers and hair is a good thing, and so I will keep searching for him whenever we go out.  I know that Animal Control would set a trap for him, but I think he is too smart to fall for that, and it would only traumatize him further.
31 December 2012
     Beau has been far more traumatized than Annie, and often yelps in fear while he is approaching me, or when I approach him.  He wants to much to trust, but is so afraid.  Yesterday I began a patience walk with him that has already rewarded both of us.

     After letting him socialize and play with Annie and Trooper for a while, I put them [A & T] back into the house and went back out to where Beau was waiting [and yelping] at the edge of the field, across the street.  As I approached, he walked away, and so I began talking to him and kept walking.

     He followed, sometimes so close his nose would bump the back of my legs, other times farther away or to my side.  Every time he got ahead of me, I would turn and walk the opposite direction, still talking to him, telling him what a brave dog he was, handsome and smart.  Occasionally I would stop and sit on the ground [tho more frequently on a sewer cover which is off the ground and easier on my back and bones].  Beau would circle, listening to me talk, then sit down in the weeds near me where he could see and hear me.  As soon as he became comfortable enough to lay down, I would get up and walk again.  He would get up and follow.

     We did this "dance" of sorts this morning for about an hour when suddenly, he walked directly to me and stood still.  I reached down and stroked his back and sides, talking to him softly.  He let me touch him for about two minutes before he went back into the field to consider the experience.  I went back to walking and talking, he continued to follow at a distance until he decided enough for now and went into the woods.

     I am getting closer to getting him out of the woods and into the house.  I've moved the food and water to my driveway since he has come to the door to sniff Annie through the screen.  He knows where she is ... where I am ... and he is wanting.
2 January 2013
Imagine for a moment that you wake up one night.
It is dark, and you are alone.
The world is silent.
Your significant other/s are nowhere to be found.
You wander the streets searching, calling, and crying out.

I imagine that is what Beau feels in the darkest part of night.
Before the dawn.
He has consistently woken me the past several nights.
Whining and yelping in fear,
outside my back door.
1 a.m.
2 a.m.
3 a.m.
4 a.m.
5 a.m.

If I sit outside where he can see me,
and smell me,
he is silent and sleeps peacefully.
He won't come close enough to touch me,
and won't come into the house.
But the fact that he is comforted by my presence speaks volumes.

After I go buy earplugs, I'm going to take a nap.
6 January 2013
I don't know if he slept in the garage last Thursday night when it was raining.
I think he did.
A cushion I had been sitting on near the door to try to get him to come in was moved.
He's no longer a beau of Annie's ~ she was spayed yesterday.
But he is a bit of a Bocephus ~ so still a Beau.
Tonight he is sleeping in the garage.
Door cracked open for a quick escape if he feels the need,
but he's becoming more comfortable with me.
I stood in the garage folding sheets and talking to him
while he circled to lay down and sleep.
7 January 2013
Looking for a forever home ... will you love me?
I had to carry Annie along the beach on the way home because Beau kept wanting to mount her.
So apparently I smell like a dog in heat.
[Don't touch that.]
But it allowed me to get close enough to Beau to get a collar and leash on him.
Now waiting in my garage for a forever home.
One unneutered male Walker Coonhound.
Relatively healthy, but an injured right hind leg.
Approximate age 2-3 years.
Timid because of being abused, but with patience, you will earn his trust,
and love.
8 January 2013
Animal Control picked up Beau this morning.
It took me 48 days to gain his trust,
but now he will have a better chance ....
... to get healthy ...
... to get adopted ...
... to get a forever home,
with people who will not dump him in the woods on a cold November day ...
... he will have a chance to be loved ...

As soon as I find out when he is available for adoption, I will post a link.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Because he deserves a chance.
9 February 2013
Rumor has it that Beau is with a foster family in the Wakulla, Florida area,
he is learning to love,
and be loved.


  1. Thank God for people like you in this world. This story is wonderful.

    1. Thank you! Be sure to read Annie's story also! She is such a sweet girl!


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