Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally Friday... riding shotgun

go for ride???
     A few weeks ago, my boys (the dogs) got it in their heads that they needed to go to work with me.  I think it was Henry's idea because he was the most excited about it. 

     David loaded them into the car (Trooper called shotgun but finally conceded to sit in the back when I insisted) and off we went. 

     Of course, the boys forgot their ID cards and created quite a stir at the guard gate when the back window was rolled down for the visual inspection.

     Now it has become part of our morning routine, and they even sometimes ride along when David picks me up in the afternoons.   Once home, we all pile out of the car and the boys jump up to relax on the futon in the garage while we unload the car, check the mail, and get settled in for the evening.

Paul Sr

     Our little family is content to relax together on the weekends.   If Florida State is playing football on Saturday, Trooper wants his FSU shirt on so that he can hang with dad to watch the game.  Henry has a matching shirt, but as he grew into it, he popped out of it and I had to cut the sleeves and neck out of it.  Now he looks like Paul Sr. from American Chopper when he wears it.   He struts his stuff and it is no surprise that he is a huge fan of American Chopper when we watch it on TV.

     Now that the weather is cooler, Trooper wants to spend most of the weekend outside, running and barking with the fence neighbor dogs.  At night, Henry snuggles under the covers, and Trooper curls up in a tight ball against me.

     Life is good.


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