Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding happiness...

     Happiness, comes with being satisfied with what we have and not coveting things we do not have. Whether this is in our households; our businesses or places of work; or with our family and friends, if we yearn for things we do not or cannot have then it will be difficult for us to find happiness.

    Whenever I have been happy with my life, my job, or family and friends, things have always just seemed to get better. Bigger. More. In considering why this would be so, I realized that when I stopped being dissatisfied with what I had and stopped yearning for something else, it was as if the wall of negativity I was creating in my thoughts of dissatisfaction suddenly crumbled.

     Practice this experiment one day. When you wake up in the morning decide that you are going to have a bad day. No matter what good things you might encounter, decide upon awakening that you aren't going to be happy. You refuse to smile or laugh, and will wear a frown or angry scowl all day. You will carry a cloud over you all day long and will refuse to say anything nice or positive to anyone you encounter. If someone says "Good Morning!" to you, your response will be "Oh yeah? What's so good about it?"

     Keep track that day of everything that goes wrong that isn't directly caused by you. Late trains, late flights, flat tires, broken elevators. A rainy day that gets you splashed all day by cars passing in puddles. A torn jacket, broken heel, or hole in your shoe. Late reports, lost papers, an impossible deadline. Sour cream at the coffee maker. Moldy cheese in your sandwich. The list could go on and on.

     Now consider that all these things, all this negativity, has been attracted to you because of your attitude alone. As if it were a magnet.

I just LOVE this face!

     The next day reverse the experiment. When you wake up in the morning decide that you are going to have an incredibly awesome day, the best day ever no matter what bad things you might encounter. You will smile and laugh at everything, carry a bright sun over you, and make rainbows out of anyone's rain cloud. When that negative person responds to your "Good Morning!" greeting with an ugly "Oh yeah?" tell them that it is a GREAT morning any time you wake up on this side of the dirt!

     Now keep track of all the good things that happen, and all the good things that happen because of an attempted negativity. A late arrival might have kept you from being in the accident that happened right when you would have been there if you had been on time. Climbing the stairs because of a broken elevator just gave you ten less minutes on the treadmill tonight. Torn jacket, broken heel, hole in your shoe? A great excuse to stop and buy that jacket or pair of shoes you saw on sale! Late report or lost papers? Time to review them and catch the mistake that would have embarrassed you or the company. Impossible deadline? An opportunity to prove to your boss that you are up to the challenge and score points for dependability that will help on your next promotion.

     At the end of the day when you are still wearing that smile on your face, look back and consider which was the better day and how many good things were attracted to you because you refused to let the negativity win. You repelled it instead of attracting it.

     You can take this lesson, this experiment, and use it anywhere in your life. Once you see how happiness attracts happiness, you will be astounded at all the good things that begin to flow towards you.

     Be happy!

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