Friday, November 11, 2011

K9 Veterans...

Hug a veteran today...
       Okay... so I'm a little biased and partial to dogs.  But the truth is that the Military Working Dogs have become a crucial part of survival in battles since WWI and possibly even before then.

     Dogs have served alongside soldiers to protect, defend, detect, and comfort.  They are probably the least known members of the military, but become part of a unit... a team... and prove again and again that they will sacrifice themselves to save their handlers and other unit members.

     As companions at home, our dogs become part of our families.  For some of us, they become our "kids."  In a war zone, however, dogs can be the bright side of a bad day.  The one thing that makes a soldier feel human again... something to connect with that reminds them of home.  At home, dogs are becoming a bigger part of therapy in helping wounded soldiers heal... emotionally and physically.

     Hug a veteran today... two or four legged... and tell them "Thank You.  Thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for my freedoms."

     Say a prayer for those who gave their all... "God, every soldier takes their oath knowing they may be called upon to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Lord, we cannot repay this gift they give us.  Please hold them in Your loving arms and thank them for us, for all that they gave and all that those who come after them will give.  We ask for Your comforting touch and healing on those they left behind... their friends and loved ones.  We ask that there come a day when we will all rejoice together again, a day when there will be no more wars and no more death, only the peace that we find in Your love."

     Become a part of the healing process... volunteer.  Heart of Texas Therapy DogsPaws Across TexasTherapy Pet Pals of TexasFaithful Paws Pet Therapy of Houston.

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