Monday, November 7, 2011

Moments in time...

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"As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time."
~ Fortune Cookie ~

     This weekend I spent a lot of time in church singing worship and praise, fishing with my husband David, and talking to my mom.

     There were other things I could have (should have) been doing.  Laundry.  Dishes.  Mopping the floor.  Organizing my unpacked clutter to sort it before packing it up again. 

     I really don't want to continue to carry the "baggage" of my past with me every where I go.  It takes up too much space... in our home... in my mind... in my heart.  This last move caused some "things" to break, and I need to decide if the sentimental value of keeping them is worth it. 

     To be honest... I'm leaning towards getting rid of some of those "things" ~ material and otherwise ~ parceling them out to family that will appreciate or use it more than me... or in the case of the broken relationships, simply turning them over to God. 

     It seems silly now to carry around a small box of one inch square salt blocks of different colors that were mined in Salzburg, Austria... a souvenir from when I was seven or eight.  One of the six blocks is smoothed where as a child I used to lick it for the salt flavor. 

     It also seems foolish to let the hurt of what someone else said or did continue to cause me hurt when I'm certain that they have released it.  It is almost like taking the whip from the person who has hurt me and continuing to flog myself with it.  Why would I want to do that?

     The "things" I value now are time spent talking to mom, relaxing on the john boat with David, laughing at my pug, Henry, bark at his first sight of a cow (really, Henry, it's just a big dog), or smiling at the joy Trooper gets from being able to run and play.  I can't put those things in a box on the shelf in the garage, but I can put them on a shelf in my mind to pull them down every so often to relive. 

     The boxes of "things" that are scattered on the floor of my office and the spare room don't get as much time or attention.  I've even stumbled across things that I'd forgotten I had bought.  I suppose there was some reason I needed that jar of Modge Podge glue... but not sure why I needed six jars of it...  craft projects thought of, supplies bought for, started, but never finished.  The guest book signed by those who attended my father's memorial service.  A collection of rabbit figurines I had as a child.

     I think this month I will spend a little time cleaning out the baggage in our home and in my mind...

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