Monday, November 28, 2011

Nobody nose...

...the trouble I's seen... nobody nose at all...
     Mom has today off work and bcuz Trooper wrote a blog she said I could blog today.  Normally I'd be sleepin' lates with her, 'specially since its colds outside, but I wants to say somethin' imsportant.

     Peoples sometimes sees me and laughs at how I looks and that hurts my feelings.  You shouldn't laughs at someone.  Laughs with them, but not at them.  I nose my face looks like I run into a wall, and I don't got no neck, and sometimes if you gets too close to my face when I is excited I can sneeze chunks on you, but I can't help it.

     Everybodys different.  But that don't mean we should laugh at somebody who looks different than us.  It is those differences that makes us each special.  Unique.  One of a kind.  We are all works of art, just maybe not hanging up on someone's wall, but maybe in someone's hearts.  And whether or not you believe in God, we are all created for a special purpose.

     Pugs purpose is to make people smile.  To make them laugh with us.  To snuggle up to them on cold nights and keeps them warm.  To cheer them ups.  Sometimes even give them another reason to wash theys faces.  Pugs used to be palace guards dogs in China so we was once really important.  We still can guard, but we likes it better if you gets a big dog to do the really rough stuff.  But we can bark (and try nots to fart at the same time) when we see something strange.  And even if we does farts when we barks, it helps to scare off the strangers because they thinks it was them that smells so bad and they don't want no body to knows they is there by they smell.

     So next times you sees someone that you think looks funny... just remember this... you might look funny to someone too.  Does you want people to laughs at you?

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