Saturday, November 19, 2011

Out of the mouth of... dogs?

     When Mom said she was thinking about writing a blog about "essential dog travel supplies" I knew I was going to have to write it myself. Yeah, she's got a really great road trip checklist for me and Henry, but I knew that it would be better if you heard it from me.

     First let me tell you about this great pet travel bag she's got - it carries everything! She's got copies of our latest shot records, and pictures of us as well as our microchip numbers in case we get lost while we're checking out new sights and smells. Not that she lets us off the leash much when we travel, but you never know when someone might accidentally open a door.

     She always carries a squeaky toy for Henry - that keeps him busy when he gets bored, but the squeaker also grabs his attention if he wanders off.  She packs some of our favorite treats to reward us... and just 'cause she loves us! She brings enough of our regular food to get us through the whole trip so that our stomachs don't have to deal with something unfamiliar. If we start running low on food because we've just been having so much fun and stay longer, it gives her time to find some of our regular stuff at a store.

     We've also got these great pop-up pet travel kennels. It's just like having our own tents! Me, I'm kinda a big guy, ya know? So while those hard sided pet travel kennels might be good for some small dogs like Henry, a real manly man dog like me just won't fit in one of those. The pop-up one that she got me fits perfect in the back of her SUV, or slides into an outside pocket of her suitcase so it can go anywhere we go. Throw my favorite blanket in it, maybe steal one of the extra pillows off the hotel bed, and I'm sleepin' like a baby!

     Even when we're riding in the car she has our comfort and safety in mind. Normally I love calling shotgun when we hit the road for some short trips to the park or vet. But for serious road trips, she sets us up in the back seat with our own harnesses that buckle into the seat belt. We've still got room to move around and lay down to nap, but we're safely secured so we won't go flying if some bozo who is texting and driving hits us. We've got a car blanket, favorite old toys to remind us of home, and a no-spill water dish for ice cubes that we can lick if we get thirsty.  Henry just loves to sing along with the radio ... "Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof!"

     Yeah, cats just don't know what they're missing when they turn down a chance to travel, but hey, I'm not going to tell them. I'll just let them think that travelin' is for the dogs!

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